Jen Psakih Teases Several Republicans Over Trump Verdict

MSNBCof Jen Psaki slammed Republican Party for trying to portray themselves as, as she cried, “straight-faced… a party of family values.” Several Republican lawmakers responded Manhattan jury recognizes ex-president donald trump Suspected sexual abuse on Tuesday. (You can hear more about Psaki below)

Former White House press secretary in Biden administration, Psakiy named party’s ‘one big problem’ heading into 2024: President Trump’s remarks on E. Gene Carroll brought laughter and applause To CNN City Hall on Wednesday.

“It was definitely disturbing, but unfortunately not necessarily surprising. Is it?” Psaki asked.

“If someone asks you, ‘Are you on the side of someone who has been found guilty of sexual abuse?’ But with the exception of a handful of Republican lawmakers, they largely avoid criticizing the former president. ”

Psaki continued to knock Senzu. Bill Hagerty (Republican, Tennessee) and Tommy Tuberville (Republican, Alabama), the latter saying the verdict “made me like this.”i want to vote trump twice

“You heard it, Mr. Trump’s sexual abuse makes senators want to vote for Mr. Trump twice,” Psaki added.

The host kept hitting the former vice president Mike PenceSen. Lindsey Graham (R, FL) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R, FL) commented before focusing on the 2024 Republican presidential nominees. Nikki Haley, Who evaded questions about how the ruling would affect his party.

“Well, that was a fairly accurate summary of the legal proceedings. I will definitely give it to her,” Psaki replied.

“But what I heard was not some sort of accusation against someone who had just been found responsible for sexual abuse.”

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