Kakao Entertainment’s Survival Program “GIRL’S RE:VERSE” Episode 1 Receives Hot Appraisals from Korean Fans


Girl’s Reverse A survival program produced by cacao entertainment30 active female soloists or girl group members come together in one large studio to dive into virtual worlds and participate in various missions.

The first 90-minute episode received warm reception from Korean fans.

“The real Girls’ Reverse! It was more fun than I expected! 1 hour and 30 minutes passed in no time. I will definitely watch the next episode. Thank you for your hard work!”

“I really liked the theme song ‘Promise’ and watched it, but the quality is so high that I want to bow my head. It’s crazy! The conversation and the confrontation are so different, it was embarrassing to hear the girls talk.” Girls Reverse Fight!

“I was worried before the release, but it is more fun than I thought.

“From now on, at 9pm, I’m looking forward to watching the episode and cheering for the girls.”

“At first, I thought I’d enjoy it without expecting anything, but it was a lot of fun (laughs). The scale is certainly big, and I can feel the excitement of the contestants. Diss battle! I’m looking forward to the future. Girls Reverse Fight!

“I thought it was really uninteresting, but conversations between girls make me giggle.

“I’ve never done it before on an audition program, but this time they’re going to support all 30 of them! You can see the obvious favorites, but I hope everyone will seize the chance. Let’s do our best!”

“Serena laughed the loudest when she ran away and was very embarrassed. Aiki-sama commented ‘fun, fun’ and contributed to the hilarious scene from behind.

“I enjoyed watching it. The girls are really immersed in their characters and it’s getting more interesting. Can’t wait to see the second episode!”

“I thought it was normal… but it’s more interesting than I thought (laughs)”

Full list of contestants including Girls Rebirth nicknames, real stage names, current and former groups

Balim (Jackie – ICHILLIN’)
Cacaoprincess (Jaehee – Weekly)
Catherine (Roja – nature)
Chadodo (Yerin – GFriend)
Cheer (Chain – Purple Kiss)
Cherry (Lee Soo Jung – Lovelyz)
Chonky Cat (Olivia Hae – LOONA)
Dohwa (Chanmi – AOA)
Dopamine (Hein-Labon)
Hiroo (Suyun – Rocket Punch)
Fawija (Hezz – Sonamoo, UNI.T)
Jipseonghi (mullet – cherry bullet)
John Horan (Yein – Lovelyz)
Keuang (Luda – WJSN)
Kiki (Mire – TRI.BE)
Kim Serena (Soobin – Cosmic Girls)
Muneo (Kwon Eunbi – IZ*ONE)
Nemo (Hae Yoon – Cherry Bullet)
Nikena (Im Na Young – IOI)
Rascal (Sungsoon – TRI.BE)
Lien (Heejin – LOONA)
Rose (Juli – Rocket Punch)
Ruby (Swan – Purple Kiss)
Sorite (Hayoung – Apink)
Sera (Monday to Weekly)
Sundenegang (Aurora Borealis – Nature)
Ujewel (Yiyoung – BVNDIT)
Watchiswatch (Elly – Weki Meki)
Yenny Cole (IL – IRRIS)
Zzaru (Seungwoon – BVNDIT)


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