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New Delhi: Closed Ordinance promulgated by the center Prime Minister says city council members’ authority to change personnel will be taken back from the electoral system as ‘unconstitutional’ Arvind Kejriwal On Saturday, the AAP government announced it would appeal this. supreme court.
The AAP national convener added that his party would take the issue to the streets and organize a “Maha rally” within days. He said he would personally inform Delhi residents that their democratic rights were “taken away” by the Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government.

“This ordinance is a direct challenge to the dignity and power of the Supreme Court,” Kejriwal said at a press conference. “The Center submitted an ordinance overturning the SC verdict on the services issue just hours after the Supreme Court closed for vacation.
“This is an insult and a disrespect to the Supreme Court. Every time the Supreme Court issues a judgment against the Center, the Supreme Court will overturn it,” he said.
Kejriwal said he would meet with all opposition leaders face-to-face and urge them not to let the ordinance pass through Raja Sabah.

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Attack on the Federal Machinery: Keziriwal
CM Arvind Kejriwal On Saturday, the center claimed it was attacking the country’s federal structure by interfering with the functioning of the elected government.
He also questioned why he appealed to the Supreme Court for review if the government would submit the ordinance. “Will this ordinance only be in effect until the Supreme Court goes on holiday? We have already submitted an ordinance to annull the judgment, so is it necessary to review the SC’s judgment?” Keziriwal asked. .
“The Supreme Court entered summer vacation on Friday evening and submitted this ordinance at night.The SC verdict was handed down on May 11. Why did not the ordinance be submitted at that time?” They argued that LG deliberately held back the government’s decision to relocate bureaucrats while waiting for the ordinance to be promulgated.
“This is a vulgar joke and a slap in the face to the people of Delhi,” said Kejriwal.
Days after the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Court handed over the administration of land, law and order, and service matters, excluding the police, to an elected executive branch, the center promulgated the ordinance, appointing the prime minister as a capital civil servant. established an agency. , Chief Secretary and Chief Secretary, Homeland, as its ex-officio member, makes recommendations to LG regarding the transfer and placement of Danix and Group A officers, vigilance and other incidental matters. The Center also gave LG the power to make the final decision in case of disagreement through an ordinance.
The prime minister said the ordinance might slow down the AAP government’s work, but it would not stop it. He said that the people of Delhi had given him not one but four great missions and he was not going to let them down.
“I’ve been getting so many calls from people all over the country. BJPMore They say Modigi didn’t do the right thing. “Public reaction shows that the Indian Bharatiya Janata Party will not win even one of the seven seats in Delhi’s parliament next year,” the Prime Minister said, adding that the AAP will soon be in the city to call the center’s “dictatorship.” We will launch a large-scale campaign against such practices,” he added. It’s working. ”
But Delhi BJP leader Virendra Sakhdeva argued that the AAP government was trying to project the ordinance as “unconstitutional” because it enjoys “dictatorial power” and wants to curb corruption allegations against its ministers. “Elections are important in a democracy, but an elected government must function according to constitutional arrangements. The Supreme Court, in a May 11 order, clarified that the Center could make laws if it wanted to change the system. The central government has clarified certain points in the form of ordinances, but the AAP is embarrassed,” Sakdeva said.
Bharadwaj files police complaint over ‘threatening death’ by Chief Inspector
Delhi Services Minister Saurab Bharadwaj has filed a complaint with the Delhi Police for making death threats against Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar. Police officials said they were investigating. Earlier on Friday, the minister sent a letter to Deputy Governor VK Saxena, informing him of “threats of death”. After meeting with LG in Raj Niwas, Bharadwaj told media that Saxena had promised to act. “There was a civil service committee meeting scheduled for May 16 and the secretary was busy and waited until 9:30 pm. We sent him a WhatsApp message and he said he would come. ‘ said the minister. “When he came to my office at 9:30 p.m., he threatened to kill me.”
clock ‘They were waiting for SC to close for holidays’: Kejriwal attacks Modi government over Services Ordinance

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