King and Queen’s Funeral Awarding Decorations to Sailors and Parade Honoring Their Roles

Royal Navy personnel who played a key role in Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral procession will be honored by the King in a special parade and medal ceremony at Windsor Castle.

At an outdoor ceremony on Tuesday, the monarch will personally award the Royal Victorian Order to about 150 servicemen and women for the work they performed in honor of their late mother last September.

Among the winners are more than 100 naval officers who rode a 123-year-old gun carriage and used ropes to pull the Queen’s coffin during the procession, which dates back to Queen Victoria’s funeral. Tradition.

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Royal Navy personnel commanding a state artillery vehicle carrying Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin during a ceremony. (Daniel Leal, Pennsylvania)

The impressive sight of sailors in unique uniforms with blue and white collars and white caps marching in unison and acting as the King’s Guard was one of the most striking sights of the time.

Royal Navy officers were awarded the Royal Victorian Medal in March by Prince Charles as part of a list of demise honors traditionally published after the monarch’s death to recognize those who rendered personal service to the late King. was appointed to

Joining the military band, they are paraded through the George IV Gate into the castle quadrangle, onto the quadrangle lawn, and saluted by the King on the podium.

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

The King and Prince of Wales on the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral (Hannah McKay, Pennsylvania)

Afterwards, the sovereign, joined by the First Sea Lord, greets the sailors in formation and personally awards each winner a medal.

Figures show that the Queen’s funeral on September 19 and the state-owned mortuary that preceded it cost the British government an estimated £161.7 million.

The Home Office reported the largest cost at £73.7m, followed by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) at £57.4m and the Ministry of Defence at £2.9m.

Honors of the Royal Victorian Order are personally presented by the King independently of Downing Street and are awarded for service to the Royal Family.

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