Lachlan Murdoch Talks Fox News Dominion Settlement, Tucker Carlson Fired – The Hollywood Reporter

Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch says CNN has so far filed a lawsuit after holding a chaotic city hall with Donald Trump filled with false allegations about the 2020 US election. He said the company has recently settled a defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.

“How can we not get sued? That’s a great question. We could be CNN,” Murdoch said Wednesday in a webcast at Moffett Nathanson’s 1st Annual Technology, Media and Telecom Conference. He said,

“I haven’t seen the lawsuit yet. Maybe something will come, but I’m not going to hold my breath,” he added, as Murdoch insisted it was just as newsworthy. fox news Just like CNN did last week, to cover the 2020 presidential vote counting “alleged” right after the election.

Murdoch said the court would have restricted the company’s ability to apply the First Amendment to its defense and the company could face a multi-year appeals process, prompting Fox to pay $787 million. claimed to have settled the Dominion lawsuit.

“It was ultimately a difficult decision, but it was the right one. It was the right business decision, although I believe Fox News and the host did not engage in any defamation throughout the entire period,” he said. added.

Asked about Fox News firing Tucker Carlson, Murdoch said, “Just to say that all our decisions are made around the long-term interests of the Fox News brand and business.” , declined to discuss the station’s “programming decisions.”

Rather, Fox News’ parting ways with Mr. Carlson, following previous oustings of prime-time viewership winners, had no apparent negative impact on business.

“We’ve done it before, right? You know, Bill O’Reilly was a superstar. Megan Kelly was a superstar. Glenn Beck was a superstar, so we ended up in business.” We have been able to advance program decisions that will lead to long-term growth and profitability for us,” Murdoch said.

He added that Fox News’ advertising business was unaffected by Carlson’s departure.

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