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Elle Welch and Stanley Sirrine opened the Lakeshore Coffee Company on the site of the former Sisters Tea House. (William Tilton-News-Herald)

Elle Welch and Stanley Sirrine enjoy good coffee and interesting places to drink it.

The couple turned their love for each other into a growing business, leading them to Mentor’s iconic location.

Welch and Sirrine opened Lakeshore Coffee Company on the original site of the famous yellow house Sisters Tea Room at 8595 Mentor Ave. near Center Street.

Elle Welch and Stanley Sirrine opened Lakeshore Coffee Company at 8595 Mentor Ave. earlier this month. (William Tilton – News Herald)

This is the second store opened in Andover last July. Mentor locations opened earlier this month.

What started out as a weekend of finding good coffee and a new place to drink it, the bond has grown into a very successful and lucky multi-shop business for several reasons.

“Honestly, we’ve been very lucky,” said Welch. “Our store in Andover is so much fun, our roaster (Calico Jack from Harpersfield) told his friends at CLE Juice Box to mentor them to see a quality coffee shop coming into their newly purchased building. We jumped at the opportunity when we said we wanted a ring hat.

“The owner of CLE Juice Box and the space we are in had a similar vision to our vibe and business model.

Welch said the idea of ​​being in a building easily recognizable from Mentor Avenue was certainly beneficial, but he wasn’t trying to make the store even more appealing, nor was he reluctant.

“Being in a historic building and being able to have Stanley do the renovations, we were able to update the space while still retaining some great historical aspects,” said Welch. It really adds a lot of character and we are thrilled to be here. We have plans to add a patio with seating this spring so can’t wait to see how it’s done. I can’t.”

Sirrine owns a construction company and is able to make updates at a much more cost-effective rate.

“It was probably the only way,” says Sirrine. “But Mentor is such a big community, and we saw this as a great opportunity.”

Menus offer a wide range of options, from espresso drinks to drip coffee, and latte aficionados will love the Blueberry Donut Latte (with blueberry donut milk from Denmandale Dairy in Cortland, Ohio) at both locations. says Welch.

The Lakeshore Coffee Company opened its second location at 8595 Mentor Avenue in February. The first store is in Andover. (William Tilton – News Herald)

Berry mocha latte, which was also popular in the February special feature “Crazy Extra Latte”.

“We offer low-acid, locally-roasted beans that really make all the difference,” Welch said. Breakfast burritos, egg bowls, overnight oats, you literally can’t keep them on the shelf.”

Competition in Mentor and Lake counties includes several national franchises and other local shops, but Welch is confident their approach will work in the region.

“The goal of our business has never been to become a millionaire. We enjoy working for ourselves while being surrounded by other small businesses that share similar goals,” says Welch. says Mr. “We really want to deliver an experience, with a team that combines local ingredients to create high-quality coffee and makes you feel like family while you are there.”

Sirrine added that rather than competing with national chains like Starbucks, they are promoting fellow local businesses while offering alternatives to their customers.

“All of our ingredients are locally sourced. I think we’ve heard from a lot of people who say they’re tired of the big franchises and want something different,” Sirrine said.

In terms of positive response to Mentor’s business, which started in Ashtabula County and took over the iconic Mentor location, so far it’s been going well.

“We have been overwhelmed by the welcome we have received from local customers and businesses,” said Welch. “Everyone is so friendly and supportive.

Shirine repeated the sentiment.

“The people here have been great. We love our time here,” said Sirrine.

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