Latest ‘The Last of Us’ Features Nanton, Clairsholm and Calgary Film Center


Episodes 4 and 5 were filmed primarily in Calgary, with scenes scattered around Nanton, Claresholm, Lethbridge and Strathmore, with Okotok and Kananaskis yet to appear. Which locales are coming this weekend?

HBO’s blockbuster TV series Last of Us Debuting on January 15, it shows a world ravaged by human-adapted mutants of Cordyceps, a fungus that infects and takes over the host’s neural functions.

The show centers on main characters Joel and Ellie, played by Pedro Pascal and Vera Ramsey, heading west from Boston through the diverse scenery and historic sites that southern Alberta has to offer.

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Episode 1: When Lost in the Darkness

The series begins in the quiet High River cul-de-sac of Sullivan Road, home to Joel, Sarah Miller, and Joel’s brother Tommy (Gabriel Luna).

Calgary’s Western Canada and Lord Shaughnessy High School play the inside and outside of Sarah’s school in Austin, Texas, and head to Lone Star Watch Repair and Jewelry to repair her father’s watch. building.

As they flee into the night in Tommy’s pickup, they turn east off 498 Avenue, then head south on what appears to be a jammed highway leading to a military checkpoint, before the trio off-roads back into town. Head to 2. .

Fort MacLeod returns to center stage, prominently standing in for Austin, Texas as it descends into chaos. Familiar Maine Most of his drag, plus the distinctive frontages of Johnny’s Restaurant and Samuel Rowland Antiques, can find Mr. and Mrs. Miller trying to escape the chaos.

The iconic Evelyn’s Memory Lane Diner in High River was still clearly recognizable, where Joel and Sarah Miller are being chased by cordyceps-infected zombies in the restaurant.

Evelyn’s owner David Poudrier took over ownership of the diner in September 2022 after the film location deal was struck, and as a fan of the game, I’m happy to see it through. was.

“I played the game in 2014 and it was a great story,” said Poudrier. “I saw the show, and I saw the clip before I actually saw the show, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, here I am,’ and we all screamed. It was amazing.

“Keeping up with the show, it’s a great show, it’s a good story; they’re following as closely as they need to.”

We’ve seen a few changes, and those who stop by for a slice of pie might notice some differences. That’s because the film crew actually walled up the front of the diner’s glass facade, with Joel carrying Sarah through an invisible door. It’s a drink cooler.

Inglewood and other areas of downtown Calgary act as the Boston Quarantine Zone. The series is administered by the Federal Disaster Response Agency (FEDRA). The Federal Disaster Response Agency (FEDRA) is a militant remnant of the US government that controls survivors who remain in slavery.

Above: Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) carries his daughter Sarah (Nico Parker) through a restaurant chased by HBO’s Cordyceps-infected “clicker” zombies. Last of Us(Screenshot/HBO Last of Us)
Below: A short scene was filmed at Evelyn’s Memory Lane Diner in High River, Alta on February 2, 2023. (Photo Brent Calver/Western Wheel)


SA-Last of Us Film Set BWC 3510 web
Production vehicle and crew of HBO’s “Last of Us” line Robinson Drive in the Suntree area of ​​Okotoks, Alta. February 10, 2022.

Episode 2 – Infection

Calgary is featured more in Episode 2, with the 4th Avenue Flyover looking only slightly worse than the average morning rush hour. Inglewood and Ramsay appear on the scene in the Boston Quarantine Zone, along with other historic buildings in Downtown and the Beltline.

Center Street’s Pho An Huyen Vietnamese Noodle House is another Indonesian restaurant that opens the second episode.

SAIT’s Senator Burns Building shines as the hallway of the Indonesian Ministry of Health (Kementerian Kesehatan) building, and during the first minutes of episode 102, before scientist Ratna Pertiwi first sees patient zero with cordyceps infection. You can see the corridor and the lounge.

Edmonton also sets foot in locations along the streets of various cities to show the decline of human civilization as the characters Joel, Ellie and Tess continue their journey. The trio arrive at the Boston Capitol with the Alberta Legislature standing in. There the protagonist encounters a horde of fungal zombies before the explosive end of the episode.

Episode 3 – Long, Long Time

Episode 3 begins with Joel and Ellie waking up to beautiful views of the Kananaskis Mountains, including Sheep River Falls, west of Diamond Valley (formerly Black Diamond and Turner Valley) on Highway 546. This scene is Ellie’s first time experiencing nature outside of the Boston quarantine zone. The Boreal Forest region is subtitled ’10 Miles West of Boston’ and fans familiar with either region will twitterAlso, there were more bugs in nature than Ellie thought.

The two continue further from Boston, walking through grasslands bordering forests and swamps. Get unique views from Ann & Sandy Cross Nature Preserve, a popular hiking spot off Highway 22X in northwestern Foothills County.

The western edge of Fish Creek Park near Shannon Terrace also played a role in the stone bridge.

Anyone who frequents Highway 22 may recognize the Priddis General Store. The wear looks a little worse when Joel stops to unearth his cache of supplies.

When the episode shifted focus away from the two main characters, Bill, played by Nick Offerman, was introduced. Bill is the type of survivalist/prepper who was in hiding when the residents were driven out in a truck.

The idyllic hamlet that slowly transforms into Bill’s Town was provided by Beechwood, an abandoned residential community built on the flood plains along the Highwood River in the southwestern part of the High River. In fact, residents have long fled their homes since the government bought them after the 2013 floods.

Scene the Last of Us High River
Filming The Last of Us in the Beechwood neighborhood of High River in 2021 (Reddit/waterloserZ)

Bill puts his plan into action, actually turning gas back on at the Mazeppa gas plant east of the High River.

Following that, he loots a boarded-up Home Depot, built in a recently closed home Zeller’s the goal Lowe’s home center in Calgary’s Shaughnessy business district. Ironically, The Real Home His Depot is right down the street.

Ultimately, Bill lowers his defenses, both literally and figuratively, against Frank (Murray Bartlett), a survivor who appears in one of his traps.

Episode 4 – Hold my hand

Episode 4 begins with the two main characters heading west, pulling roads in the evening to use the area west of Calgary near Strathmore and the High Level Bridge near Lethbridge. The road trip continues, and a herd of buffalo mills roams the fields near Priddis when Joel gets a top-notch dad joke from Ellie. Arriving in Kansas City, the pair approach a blocked highway tunnel that is actually the Calgary Airport tunnel.

The streets and alleys of the city of Calgary serve as a backdrop for gunfights and building pickups to stop working. The audience is introduced to Kathleen, a staunch freedom fighter who wrested control of Kansas City from FEDRA.

A search for the two ensues after the bandit’s body is discovered. The duo end up in an abandoned office tower provided by Calgary’s abundance of office space and hole up the night before a rude awakening.

Episode 5 Endure and Survive

Episode 5 returns to Kansas City, following flashbacks to the overthrow of FEDRA rule and the establishment of freedom by rebel lynchings and firing squads. Once Henry and Sam’s background story is established, the story picks up where Episode 4 left off.

Planning his escape from Kansas, Henry maps a route through a utility tunnel (filmed at Mount Royal College) outside the boundaries held by the freedom fighters. The climactic scenes were shot on purpose-built sets at the state-of-the-art Calgary Film Center, ripe for destruction and mayhem.

Joel, Ellie, Sam, and Henry make it safely to a rural motel, played by Nanton’s Ranchland Inn. Towards the end of the episode, we see his UFA (Agricultural Union of Alberta) sign slightly defaced.

Okotoks hosted the production in February 2022 and the crew came to the Suntree district, but these scenes have yet to appear in the show. Similarly, Canmore and Banff will host production crews, and Joel and Ellie will likely figure out the picture as soon as they go further west.

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