Let’s remember “food sex” this Valentine’s Day


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Washington faction It is used to perform a function called “”food money sex” started, restarted, and abandoned several times. why? Who can track something like that! Perhaps, like its subject, it has too much work to do? , and pay homage to some memorable moments from perhaps the best era: The Mimi Montgomery Era, which ended in early 2021. Read FMS: Enjoy the headlines, then move on to the final section.

feud sex

“After drinking wine at the Agora, drinking wine and champagne at the holiday party, having a final cocktail at the Eastern, and wearing a one-piece outfit that slips off easily, we arrive at my house where there is an ongoing sex feud. I’ll explain: My neighbor’s bedroom and mine share a wall, so I often hear a chorus of moans from her and her gentleman friends during intercourse.”

-from “Work Holiday Party and Post-Sex Baked & Wired CupcakesJanuary 2020

drug sex

“We sober up from the mall and get another meal. As we got out of the car she asked what our plans were. I told her we had sex and then put on new fancy clothes.” I said I was going to dinner.

-from “A couple who leaves their children with their grandparents and eats a lot,” April 2021

“[W]We had some serious sex after mushrooms (mushrooms make me incredibly horny) while enjoying a charcuterie platter.

-from “50 year old woman hides beer in tumbler during video call, drinks with boyfriend and watches tiger kingApril 2020

“That’s exhausting” sex

“Man B goes home stupidly early. After sleeping for another hour or so, he sneaks into Man A’s room. If he feels me going to bed, it’s a game.

-from “23-year-old dating two men at once and trying to cut back on spendingFebruary 2020

food money sex

“Partly because we wanted to have sex in the Friday section of this article, we worked together to make it happen.”

-from “A journalist who writes erotic novels, plays Dungeons & Dragons, and has a pregnancy phobia with herMarch 2020

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