Lil Yachty trolls Drake for racking up likes with his braiding skills

There is no way that Drake is winning the Father of the Year award. At least, not if his friend Lil Yachty has something to say about it. The two men have had social media users in tears of laughter after playfully trading barbs with each other over a picture recently posted by the Canadian rapper.

The image at the center of the banter showed Drake appearing to style his son Adonis’ hair as they sat inside a storage room. The photo was one of three featured in the Aug. 11 post’s carousel of photos. One of the others was of Allen Iverson on the bench during a 76ers game as his mother braided his hair. The picture has long been considered an epic moment for the culture since it was snapped in 2001.

“Just because you put a guy in a tuxedo doesn’t make him a good guy,” read the caption as Drake quoted Iverson’s well-known remarks about his then-controversial hip hop-influenced style. But in true friend fashion, Lil Yachty jumped in the comments to jokingly call out his friend for making it appear as though he had a skill set no one knew about. “It’s no way you’re sitting here acting like you’re braiding his hair for the internet,” wrote the Let’s Start Here artist.

Drake hit back as he wrote, “I was unbraiding it, b**ch. Your son said you ain’t hit him in six months on his finsta. He said he need some Jordans and a backpack for school.” From there, social media users took over. “He should’ve added ‘TF’ at the end for a little razzle-dazzle,” wrote one user, though it is unclear which joke was being referenced. A second person wrote, “Drake said that b-word like Ms. Pearly from Friday!” And a third said the humorous banter was also a teachable moment, writing, “If MYOB was a person. It’s the best thing ever. Some of y’all gotta try it.”

But more than a few people thought the comical exchange was actually a tense moment. Lil Yachty peeped the reactions as some expressed vitriol in their comments. He addressed the latter in his Instagram Story. “Anytime someone is in the comments talking s**t, I just go to [their] page. Ninety-nine percent [of the time], I understand why [they’re] talking s**t after I check, and I just go on about my day.” To say he is unbothered would be an understatement.

View Drake’s post here.

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