Lincoln Park Craft District businesses offer a way to spice up your food and drink


Duluth, Minnesota — A new business has opened in the Lincoln Park Craft District for those looking to spice up their food and drink game.

Spices and tea exchange Open since mid-October, we stock over 1,100 spices and teas, from international spices like Jamaican Jerk to lifestyle wellness teas. All spice blends are made fresh in-store.

After visiting a similar store in Montana, owner Dennis Thielke says he couldn’t believe that Duluth didn’t have one yet.

“Bozeman, Montana, my daughter lives there, and when we got off the plane to visit her, she said, ‘Dad, there’s a store you have to go to.’ went inside, and my immediate reaction was that I couldn’t believe there was nobody in Duluth,” Thielke said. “I was haunted by the smell of the store for three and a half hours.”

A local Duluth customer who has been to the store several times said she likes choosing from a variety of spices.

Duluth resident Ian Quarrez said, “Especially here in the Midwest, it’s great to have this kind of experience like a more global spice section where you can experience something a little different than your usual salt and pepper. That’s it.”

The Spice and Tea Exchange currently has only one store in the state, but plans to open two more, including one in Rochester.

If you want to check out the store, it’s open every day.

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