Little People’s Amy Roloff shows off her cooking skills in ‘branded’ video after being slammed with expensive new business


AMY Roloff showcases her cooking skills in a new video sponsored by a large online company.

of small people, big world Favorites have already been stigmatized for recently created Paid food subscription content.

Amy Roloff partnered with a huge brand in her latest videoCredit: Instagram/ amyjroloff
She cooked ‘Texas-style steak fajitas’ because fans are shocked by the amount of paid content she’s putting outCredit: Instagram/ amyjroloff

Amy60, wore a plaid apron and made “Texas-style steak fajitas” in a new Instagram video.

“I love cooking dinner, so when I don’t have time to buy fresh, healthy food, I love having my home chef deliver,” she wrote in one Instagram story.

Home Chef is a meal kit and food delivery company based in Chicago, Illinois that delivers pre-measured ingredients and recipes to its 3 million subscribers each month.

Amy wrote in one of her Instagram stories, “Wahoo! It was delicious. Customize your order. It’s up to you to schedule your delivery.”

“Very good folks, check out Home Chef,” the TV celebrity also said when he tasted the cheesy creations.

“Some days you don’t have time to buy food. It’s all healthy food and it’s all proportionate to you.”

Sponsored content is because Amy already combines cooking and profit to a disappointing degree.

side hustle

of TLC The star recently debuted her new side projector possible future career move, video posted on “Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen” Youtube account.

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In that promotional video, Amy promoted a leveling membership subscription that you can buy yourself. website.

“We are very excited to offer three types of memberships,” announced Amy, who is casually dressed but nicely made up.

The “Cupcake” subscription was $4.99/month, the “Pancake” level was $9.99/month, and the “Cheesecake” membership was $19.99/month.

TV stars will be offered “bonus content” at the first level, “live private chats” with Amy at the second level, and “on the moon” with TV personalities on Zoom at the third membership level. A one-time meal will be provided.

Fans discussed “Amy’s Little Membership” on a Reddit board dedicated to the long-running reality series.

One Redditor commented, “These people need to get real jobs.”

Another asked, “Huh? I like Amy, but who pays to watch her cook?”

Another critic wrote:

“I literally can’t believe people pay for this stuff, especially $20 a month. It’s insane.”

Amy has already started her foray into the culinary entertainment industry with her YouTube channel. Amy Roloff’s Tiny Kitchen.

This cooking-based channel currently boasts 99,400 subscribers.

She wrote that she wanted to eat: “Being divorced, being single, being a grandmother, [and] Other life challenges we may all experience.

“And definitely a question about Little People, Big World.”

Amy’s next move

Little People, Big World may be coming to an end, as many fans believe the show will be canceled after its most recent season.

last year, Amy shared an Instagram post further fueling the rumors That the long-running reality series is coming to an end.

Amy wore an apron that read “Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen” and was posing for photos with a friend wearing a similar apron.

A fan reposted the photo on the LPBW online forum. The title is:

User Description: “I recently noticed the quality of the product and Amy’s appearance. [has] She seems to put a lot of effort into promoting these videos. ”

Roloff’s fans flooded the comment thread to share their own predictions.

One wrote:

Second comment: “Amy is preparing for her future without income from shows and farms.

“I agree. I enjoy her videos and I think I’m ready for when the show is over,” added a third user.

Another agreed, writing:

“I’ve noticed an improvement in the quality of Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen photos and cooking videos.”

season of disappointment

Recent Little People Fans Demanded that TLC cancel the series blamed Matt Roloff61, for its demise.

Viewers claimed that recent episodes were the show’s “most boring”.

One reviewer commented: bird & Zach Hot dog story. ”

Another said, “Yes…I love watching the show, but it got boring when everyone was away. It almost feels like an interview.”

A third viewer wrote:

They continued: “Spend some conversations about pumpkin season and who gets to participate in it.

Roloff Farms was never sold or inherited by one of LPBW’s children, a long lost dream.

Instead, it was made available for rent to the public, and Matt’s adult children moved out.

LPBW fans are disappointed that Amy is leaning into subscription-based cooking and preempting the show’s end.Credit: INSTAGRAM/amyjroloff
Roloff Farm is now available for rent as it was never purchased after Matt Roloff refused to sell the farm to his sonCredit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Both Zach Roloff and Jeremy Roloff were interested, but matriarch Matt ignored them and didn’t sellCredit: TLC

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