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Photo submission From left, Woody McGlinger, Jill Scarbro, Marsha Waveright, Kiara Williams, and Adam Moyer gather in front of West Virginia Senator Sherri Moore Capito’s office in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, DC — Business owners from Randolph and Tucker counties were named among four to represent West Virginia at a special National Small Business Week event.

The four Hill State people selected will represent Randolph and Tucker counties as leaders in agritourism through three businesses: Laurel River Club Bed & Breakfast, Laurel Folk Farm, and the nonprofit West Virginia School of Traditional Skills It was Marsha Waveright who did it. Upshur County’s award-winning multi-genre instrumental duo Key to Adam (Kiara Williams and Adam Moyer). Jill Scarbro, owner and CEO of Bright Futures Learning Services, represents Putnam County.

Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, recently selected small business leaders from across the country to visit Washington DC for National Small Business Week. Woody Maglinger coached his team at Run Switch Public Relations in Louisville, Kentucky.

While in DC, the group visited the office of West Virginia Senator Sherry Moore Capito (RW.Va.) to share some of the challenges she faces as a small business owner in West Virginia.

“Sen. The Kapito staff were very interested in what we had to say and were very attentive.” Wavelight said. “Marketing can be a big challenge for small businesses in West Virginia. The West Virginia Tourism Authority has been a great help and very supportive, especially if your business is experiencing mobile service or instability. There are some big challenges you face when you’re in a place without internet.”

Created by the Small Business Administration in 1963, National Small Business Week is an annual celebration of small businesses and innovative start-ups that drive the economy.

The West Virginia group attended an event at the White House’s Rose Garden featuring President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamal Harris and Small Business Administration leader Isabella Casillas Guzman. I was asked to speak.

While in Washington, the group “It has been a great experience connecting with business leaders from across the country and discussing our passion for business. I think.” Wavelight said.

For more information about Laurel River Club Bed & Breakfast, Laurel Folk Farm and West Virginia School of Traditional Skills, please visit www.lrcbnb.com.

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