Locarno’s work-in-progress section to focus on independent British films in partnership with BFI


First Look, Strands in Progress Locarno The industry section of the festival is set to highlight the 2023 edition of independent British films.

Locarno is BFIMore It will also select six British films currently in post-production and offer producers the opportunity to present their projects to industry professionals attending the Swiss Festival. Projects are presented to an audience of distributors, buyers, programmers, and representatives of post-production funds.

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Held in Italian-speaking Switzerland, the film festival, now in its 12th year, celebrates British filmmaking for its ‘leading role’ in the history of cinema. said in a statement. A festival that has been going on for decades.

In addition to making a physical pitch at the festival, producers can also showcase their projects online through Locarno’s online digital library reserved for accredited industry professionals not participating in person.

Locarno’s First Look has covered films from Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Israel, Poland, the Baltics, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland and last year Germany.

Producers can apply through the BFI from today until April 30, 2023. To qualify, you must be able to deliver at least 60 minutes of his rough cut at any stage of the post-production process.

A jury of international festival directors and curators will award prizes as part of the competition, including the Creativity Media First Look Award, which covers up to $50,000 for services towards the completion of a film in post-production. award.

Locarno Artistic Director Giona A. Nazarro said:

“Extraordinary breeding grounds for talent – like the recent edition of Locarno Film Festival British filmmaking continues to surprise. That’s why we’re happy with this year’s first look. Because you can build more friendships in the name of young quality films. I am sure that this friendship with British cinema will continue for many years to come. ”

Katie Ellen, BFI’s Head of Distribution and Commercial Strategy, added: You can discover new films from the most exciting filmmakers at a crucial stage in the progression from production to screen. Benefit and expand your export potential and audience reach. ”

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