Looking to buy a prepper-friendly Hobbit property near Lake Superior?

Western Wisconsin is experiencing a boom in options for living next door to Hobbits.

A month ago, in a classic racket scoop, we asked our readers if they were looking for a Bilbo Baggins-worthy bunker residence without breaking the bank. this cutie At River Falls, it sold over asking price almost immediately.now yet another The classic racket scoop, is Options for this big and expensive prepper Located 32 miles southwest of Superior.

Built in 1982, the home is located at 4973 S. County Rd. F in Maple boasts 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2,995 square feet on 16 wooded acres. It hit the market on Monday for $425,000.

Tom Action Acton raves about the property listing, saying, “One of a kind! Be prepared to be amazed when you see this one-of-a-kind home.” ”[It’s] It has a lot of personality, so just having it is enough. The property takes advantage of the natural terrain to create a sheltered design that minimizes heating and cooling needs, and features some of the most beautiful curved beam ceilings and woodwork you’ll ever see. increase. ”

(Acton did not respond to our request to discuss the list of hobbies, so we were unable to ask if the witch’s hat hanging above the dining room was included.)

Aside from the obvious Hobbit-like charm, this home has a few features that will appeal to prepper/survivalist buyers. Among them, according to the list: Poured concrete structures. 4 inch thick front door. There is a gun safe built into the master bedroom. Attached greenhouse. “Great” food locker area. Hidden “safe room” in heated tuck-under garage. 528 sq ft separate garage/workshop. The house has all new and updated air conditioning, electrical and wells. Every subsistence enthusiast will enjoy a sugar shack for making maple syrup, a pond for a private dip, and an apple tree that supplies all their apple needs. Gazebo/fire pit area? Looks great too!

The property was last sold in 2017 for $199,000, according to county records.

Here are some of the benefits of a soil protected home: this primer The Spruce products include energy efficiency, sound insulation, weather protection and low maintenance. “Homes that are (completely or partially) surrounded by earth maintain a steady temperature of 55 to 60 degrees all year round, requiring less heating in the winter and less cooling in the summer.” Williams university explain. On the downside, these types of shelters are expensive to build and repair, plus the ever-present threat of moisture problems.

Take a photography tour of 4973 S. County Rd. F, RE/MAX provided Result:

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