Man looks back on Covid survival after 2 years


Oklahoma City (KFOR) – in exactly two years He leveled off amid his battle with COVID-19Charles Clemons sat in the barber’s chair and reflected on his remarkable recovery.

“i don’t remember [my family] They took me to the hospital, and literally on March 17, 2021, I leveled off, [the doctors] You had ten minutes to save me,” he said.

“They made my heart beat [and] If they hadn’t saved me, I wouldn’t be sitting here today,” he added.

For Charles, St. Patrick’s Day became more of an anniversary than a public holiday.

He told KFOR he was treated at a local hospital shortly after his COVID diagnosis.

Charles Clemons Covid Anniversary

“I woke up from a sedative coma in the ICU after 13 days and still don’t remember what happened to me,” he added.

“There was a nurse [after I woke up] A man with tears in his eyes.He said, “Mr. Clemons, I brought you here to his ICU room. [and] I needed this win. I am so tired of seeing death. ”

Charles said his first stop on his long road to recovery was a visit to a barber shop.

“When he came in, I was a little surprised, because he wasn’t tied to anything,” he said. 806 Salon in Oklahoma City.

“I knew God was at work,” he added after receiving news of Charles’ condition and seeing a picture of him in a hospital bed, unable to speak or breathe himself. I remembered

Oklahoma crosses new milestone 18,000 dead Due to Covid-19.

Keith and Charles say that safe spaces like barbershops and hair salons can be used to open up candid conversations with local communities about vaccine hesitation, especially in black and other communities of color, as the virus moves from pandemic to endemic. He said he would provide the opportunity to

“Sit in the chair and if someone opens it up for discussion, I’m definitely going to pass it on to you. It’s a conversation that doesn’t need to be sugarcoated,” Keith said.

“I wish I had listened to my brother and got vaccinated sooner, but your life… I always feel that God is planning your life.”

“When you give life a second try, you wake up in the morning [and you’re] I just want to thank you. ”

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