Man Lost in Oregon Forest for 17 Days Shares Details of His Epic Survival


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  • Harry Burley has been missing in the Oregon woods for 17 days after getting lost and injured on a solo fishing trip in May.
  • He recently gave his first press conference since being rescued, telling his story of survival and how he ate scorpions, millipedes and brown water to survive.
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Harry Burley made national headlines after being rescued after going missing for 17 days in the Oregon woods in May. Search parties and helicopters searched for Harry relentlessly. In his first press conference, he shared jarring details about what he did to survive. Get ready to be impressed.

It started simple. It was a 1.25 mile trail in and out. Harry planned to go fishing and get home before anyone noticed. So he signed in to the trailhead, but since the trail was short and the day was scheduled, he didn’t bring supplies for a long stay in the forest. , was only a pen, chopsticks and fishing line.

At a press conference, Harry Burley said he came to Split while he was walking the trail. Looking back, he believes it was the perfect place to turn. But he kept walking. When he decided to turn back after dark outside, he had no cell phone service. It was at this moment that he realized that he would be spending the night in the woods because it was so dark outside.

Here things took a turn for the worse. In a rather impressive display of hurriedly gone awry survival instincts, Harry finds Rock and removes the bark so he can sleep on a log instead of the ground/dirt. .

Harry said WJAC Television Other accounts say he tried to “shrink the rock” when he tripped and broke his head. Suddenly he was bleeding and had an emergency. This is just his second day at 17.

He needed fire!!!

A retelling of his survival experience jumps from day two to day five. On the fifth day he heard an airplane. This was reassuring because it gave him hope that people would be looking for him.

To try to get the plane’s attention, he figured he needed to light it. Only he could not understand how to rub the sticks together and light them on fire. Interestingly, he had a magnifying glass with which he was able to light a fire, but the smoke was too small to attract the plane’s attention.

Humans can only live about 3 days without water

That’s when he decided he needed to move to higher ground and leave markers along the path so that those walking by could find them. was I am very, very thirsty. At this point, he borrowed a chapter from his Book of Grylls’ Survival to Bear and began drinking his own urine. Of course, we know Bear Grylls didn’t have to actually drink his own pee. It was all for the cameras, but Harry drank to survive and urine helped…

he wanted to go home to meet his wife and her family. Positive thoughts kept him going. After twisting his ankle and pricking his other leg into a branch, he continued on toward higher ground.

Eventually, Harry finds a Coast Guard helicopter. I can’t even imagine how much hope that moment gave him. However, the helicopter did not find him and took off. Harry later wrote a letter thanking the pilot for looking for him.After the helicopter took off, he collapsed on a rock in exhaustion.

When he woke up, he doubled down to leave a trail marker for anyone who might be looking for him and found a felled tree with brown water in it. water. However, he became thirsty, so he began drinking brown tree water, which he later called “teapot”, and eating bugs he found in dead wood.

Harry ate scorpions, millipedes and snails. Rinse everything off with dirty wood water. The water really amazes me because I have no idea what kind of parasites are in natural water. But he needed to survive, so he drank water.

During his final days in the woods, Harry Burleigh told reporters that he accepted dying in the woods. He accepted his fate and was no longer afraid. But he wasn’t going to give up either.

The morning he was rescued, he was still active. Harry’s attitude was, “He didn’t want to die for nothing.” Fire haunted him, so when he heard the call from beneath him, he went in search of water in the pesky tree Euphoria overtook his body. A rescue team was on its way.

SAR rescue workers asked him what he ate outside and joked about “escargot” when he said he ate snails, crayfish, scorpions and millipedes. From the woods he went to Riverbend Hospital, where he spent twelve days in the ICU and three days in the regular part of the hospital.

reports that doctors are still concerned about his legs and gallbladder. WJAC TelevisionHowever, he survived and shared his story with reporters for the first time.

A true wild survival story.

If that video doesn’t load (top right), you can watch the entire 45-minute press conference. here WJAC Television website.

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