May 13th stamped out hanger food drive set

Local mail carriers will once again help end hunger on Saturday, May 13, according to a press release from the United Way of Union County.

in the 31st This year, the Stamp Out Hunger initiative is the country’s largest one-day food drive, with postmen collecting over £1.8 billion of food from mail customers since its inception.

Union County postal customers donated over £5,600 to the Salvation Army food pantry during last year’s drive.

Mail customers should place a sturdy bag of non-perishable foods such as canned soup, canned vegetables, pasta, rice, or cereal next to their mailbox by normal mail delivery hours on Saturday, May 13. You will be asked to leave the Place in a non-breakable container such as a box or can. A local postman collects donations from households across the city and delivers them to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is an agency of the United Way in Union County.

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