May 2023 Snapshot | Food Safety Inspection Services

Camilla, Georgia

On March 13, Consumer Safety Inspector Alton Scott Hayes received a signed certificate and pin showing 30 years of service.

Photo: Hayes.

Photo by Supervising Public Health Veterinarian Dr. Thelma Brown, OFO.

Tampa, Florida

On April 6, FSIS Administrator Paul Kiecker met with the Field Operations Office at a federally regulated facility. Administrative Offices; Investigation, Enforcement and Audit Office employees from the provinces; Keeker thanked them for their dedication to food safety and discussed recruitment and staffing issues, employee engagement and continuing education opportunities.

May 2023 - Snapshot - Tampa

Employees belong to OFO unless otherwise stated.

Photo, front row, left to right: Consumer Safety Inspectors (CSI) Carlos Diaz, Edward McAdams, and Miguel Torres Crespo. OM Human Resources Specialist (HRS) Irina Chizh, Supervising Public Health Veterinarian (SPHV) Dr. Danielle Doyle.

Middle row, left to right: Bobby Coleman, OIEA Compliance Investigator; Thomas Hathaway, CSI; Dr. Richard Daniels, SPHV; Phyllis Fraser, CSI; Christina Pasalic, OM HRS;

Back row, left to right: CSI Jefferson Sands, FLS Chris Wagstaff, Deputy District Manager Tracy Bryan.

Photo by Chief of Staff Karen Hunter, OA.

center hill, florida

On April 5th, manager Paul Kiecker met OFO employees at a butcher shop. For such visits, Keaker and his team in the Office of Administration (OA) will contact his FSIS personnel nearby and invite them to attend and participate if possible. On this occasion, Kiecker and his OFO employees had the opportunity to visit and meet their OFO colleagues with his FSIS officials locally at the Office of Public Health Sciences (OPHS) and the Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Education (OPACE). joined.

May 2023 - Snapshot - Florida

Pictured left to right: Food Inspector (FI) Miguel Figueroa, Frontline Supervisor (FLS) Chris Wagstaff., Consumer Safety Inspector (CSI) Lashay Perkins, FI Aubrey Cross, FI Kiara Williams, Kiecker, Supervising Public Health Veterinarian. (SPHV) Dr. Penni Cole, SPHV-Relief Dr. Martin Faza, Deputy District Manager Tracy Bryant, OHPS Microbiological and Chemical Hazards Staff Veterinary Medical Officer Dr. Sabrina Wiggins, OPACE Freedom of Information Law Staff Government Information Specialist Keith Komosinski, FLS Dr. Vishnu Ramnarine.

Photo by Chief of Staff Karen Hunter, OA.

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