Mental health and addiction support from Hyannis Center at Bay Cove


Hyannis — For Those Who Are Suffering mental health again Addictionthe new facility offers hope and help for recovery.

“We have been providing mobile services for the past five years, but this is the first time we have all of these services under one roof, creating a cleaner environment for individuals to receive ongoing care. It creates pathways,” said Diane Santoro, vice president of behavioral health.integration in Bay Cove Behavioral Health and Wellness Center.

Opening its new facility at 116 Camp St. on January 3, the center offers mobile crisis intervention, outpatient behavioral medicine, on-site crisis intervention and assessment, ongoing care and prescription medications, and treatment for opioid use disorders. offers drug therapy. both adults and young people.

The Bay Cove Wellness Center is located at 116 Camp Street in Hyannis.

By the summer, the nonprofit plans to move all services under one roof to a permanent location adjacent to Cape Cod Hospital.

“This initiative is focused on rebuilding access to community-based mental health services for all,” Santoro said.

The Center’s goal is not just to solve crises.

Those who work at the center, who have experience with the system itself, provide support and resources to individuals and families as they navigate the complexities of the behavioral health system. Santoro said the main goal is to provide ongoing support to patients in crisis.

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