Mobile Legends Tiger Guide: Best Builds, Skills and Emblems

tigrelDawn Warrior has long been a reliable tank/support hero. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

He has multiple crowd control skills and a passive ability that can absorb damage. Additionally, his ultimate is one of the most game-changing starting skills he has in the game.

If you want to master this iconic hero, here’s a detailed guide on the best combat spells and emblems, the best builds, and skill combos.

Tigreal skills in Mobile Legends

Passive – Fearless

Tigreal gains stacks of blessings each time he casts a skill or receives a basic attack. When he reaches 4 stacks, he consumes all stacks to negate the damage of his next basic attack.

  • Above his head is an indicator showing the number of Fearless stacks.
  • A series of blessings lasts a few seconds. However, at full stack, the blessing remains until it absorbs the basic attack.
  • He does not gain stacks from minion attacks and does not absorb them.
  • Jungle monsters and turrets, including turtles and lords, can trigger passives. Use this to protect your allies from attacks.

1st Skill – Attack Wave

Tigreal sends a shockwave in the direction of the target, dealing physical damage to enemies within a fan-shaped area and slowing their passage. The slow effect changes according to the distance traveled by the shockwave.

  • With a low cooldown and moderate damage, you can use attack waves to clear minion waves.
  • Each of the 3 shockwaves applies a slowing effect that can be stacked.
  • Shockwaves can pass through walls.

2nd Skill – Sacred Hammer

Tigraal charges towards its target, dealing physical damage to enemies in its path and sweeping them away.

He can reactivate this skill within 4 seconds, dealing physical damage to enemies in front of him and knocking them into the air.

  • Get the Sacred Hammer at level 1 and use it to interrupt enemy junglers from growing purple or orange buffs.
  • Since this is his mobility skill, maximize this skill first to reduce its cooldown. However, you can’t get over the wall with this.
  • This can be used to wipe out enemies within range of your team or turret. Alternatively, you can use this to push enemies away and save allies.
  • Flicker extends the charge range of this skill. However, after casting a battle spell, you cannot take the dragged enemy with you.

Ultimate – Implosion

Tigreal begins channeling, pulling nearby enemies towards him and smashing the ground with his hammer, dealing physical damage and stunning enemies within range. Channeling can be interrupted by transformations and aerial effects.

  • Enemies can use the blink or dash ability to escape the retraction effect of implosion.
  • To catch yourself off guard, combine this with Flicker.
  • It has a decent AoE, but don’t hesitate to use this against a single enemy hero, especially if it’s a high priority target such as a jungler or hero. gold laner.
  • After using Imposion, position your Sacred Hammer to hit the enemy.
  • Skill cooldown begins after channeling. There is no cooldown even if it is interrupted, so you can use it again.

A comprehensive guide on how to play Tigreal in Mobile Legends

Recommended battle spells

Credit: ONE Esports

Flicker is an excellent combat spell for Tigreal, allowing it to launch amazing initiations.

Combine this with Implosion or Sacred Hammer to catch your enemies off guard and give your teammates an opportunity to secure a kill.

Recommended emblem

Mobile Legends Tigreal Guide - Tank Emblem Concussive Blast and Tenacity Talents
Credit: ONE Esports

For the team’s front-liner Tigrell, the tank emblem is a perfect fit.

Combines physical and magical defense and distributes talent points between hardness, shield, fortress and purity in the first two tiers.

You can choose between Concussive Blast and Tenacity as your primary talent.

Concussive Blast allows you to deal HP-based magic damage to nearby enemies, and Tenacity provides additional physical and magical defense when low on health.

best item build

Mobile Legends Tigraal Guide - Pro Item Builds
Credit: ONE Esports

When building defensive items as Tigreal, it’s important to consider the composition of the enemy team.

If you rely heavily on physical damage, buy it. dominance ice, Antique Cuirass and Blade Armor.Buy if you rely on magic damage Athena’s Shield and Luminous Armor.

Investing in immortality to improve your survivability is always a good idea, regardless of your opponent’s lineup.

when choosing the best Wandering Blessing For enchanted boots, concealment is often the most useful option as it helps you start properly.

best build for mobile legend tigreal

  • Tough Boots (Hide Blessings)
  • dominance ice
  • athena shield
  • immortality
  • antique breastplate
  • Radiant Armor

Skill combos to learn

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Skin, Gold Baron Tigreal
Credit: Moonton

In the early stages of the game, use the Sacred Hammer to knock airborne targets by pushing them towards your allies or the turret. Then hit the attack wave to slow it down.

Once you have your ultimate, first use your sacred hammer to get close to your enemies, then trigger Implosion to pull them in and stun them. Finally, cast an attack wave to deal damage and give a slowing effect.

If you want to have a surprise initiation, first cast Implosion, then use Flicker to blink near the enemy. Drive your allies with the Sacred Hammer and attack with Attack Wave.

The implosion and flicker combo can be tricky to get right at first, so it’s recommended to practice in hero training mode or AI mode before trying it out in a real match.

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