Momfluencer’s review of $499,000 armored SUV shows parents’ fears for safety


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  • Mamafluencer car critic featured the $499,000 armored SUV as the “safest vehicle” for families.
  • The Rezvani Vengeance has pepper spray, bulletproof glass and electrified door handles.
  • A psychologist said the insider’s parents may be viewing the world as a more dangerous place on social media.

“I am body armor and so is this vehicle!”

She speaks in a chipper voice and dons a bulletproof vest and military helmet as a pregnant “mobile mom” kicks off in her latest viral video. This time social influencers on her media — reviewing cars on TikTok and her Instagram. how family friendly the car is — Introduced the Rezvani Vengeance as the perfect safety-focused choice for families.

revenge, Luxury military vehicles on public roadsfeaturing electrified door handles and an explosive underbody shield that can pepper-spray anyone who gets too close. bright headlights Off-road or crash steel ram bumpers range from $285,000 to $499,000. Full ballistic protection is available on the full-featured vehicle, but the base model comes with standard safety features like pedestrian detection and heads-up display instead of rear-view mirrors.

Optional night vision, smokescreen and rifle compartment are available for an additional fee.

“Is the Rezvani Vengeance the safest ride for you and your kids, or what, mama?” the influencer asks viewers in the caption her TikTokbefore emphasizing the “memorable” features of the tank-like car.

Comments on the video ranged from ridiculing military-grade SUVs to “this is not a gta”, “do you live in Gotham or something?” some viewers say. — praises the decorated machine: “As soon as I get rich, I’ll get one of these.”

Rezvani’s president and CMO, Cynthia Karimi, told Insider that typical buyers of Vengeance are wealthy apocalypse preppers or celebrities interested in both flash and safety, who want a “low-key” security vehicle. said no. Armored Lexus, BMW or Range Rover. But a good portion of her buyers are people with large families who want to be “prepared for everything,” she said.

Rezvani Vengeance pictured next to a small plane.
Rezvani Motors

Social media can ‘constantly terrorize’ parents

While the clip sparked jokes about parents driving a Vengeance to soccer practice and accidentally hitting kids with an electrified steering wheel, a mental health expert told Insider that the video was serious. reveals an extreme example of the dark side of Social media parenting accountsParents, especially mothers, face increased pressure to keep their children safe and may be influenced to take excessive steps to alleviate anxiety.

“When you see a bulletproof SUV with a flamethrower, pepper spray, etc., most of us are like, ‘Oh my God, that’s ridiculous.'” Lynn LyonsA licensed independent clinical social worker and host of the popular Fusterclux podcast, told Insider about managing anxiety. That’s when we’re talking about the very consistent message that it’s very important to keep track of your kids and know where they are at all times.”

Lyons said social media has served a generation of parents who are “constantly terrified” by “constantly blaring out all the terrible things that can happen to their children.”

The Mobile Mama told Insider she doesn’t feel any particular pressure to keep her kids safe on a ride like the Vengeance, but if money wasn’t an issue she’d love to ride for her family.Her name is Insider. but the name has been withheld due to the harassment on her profile in this video.

As a parent and former teacher, Mobile Mama says that the constant news stories about school shootings, kidnappings and other incidents have created a “huge focus” on parents doing all they can to protect their children. He said he knew that

“I don’t think there are many parents on social media who say, ‘Let’s get a bulletproof car,'” Lyons told Insider. “But I think they’re going to say, ‘Well, the world is really dangerous.’ is really important to me. There is no risk.”

Revenge of Rezvani

This kind of pressure can lead parents to believe their children are failing if they don’t take steps like tracking their location or reading social media messages, Lyons said. . and, Steps parents take to keep their kids safe as technology advances Stayed in lockstep.

“It’s also interesting that if this technology is available and something bad happens to a child without using it, they experience so much guilt and regret,” Lyons told Insider. “And this is how anxiety really, really, avoids the possibility that something bad will happen and regret.”

Worrying parents raise less resilient children

Parents who are overly obsessed with their child’s safety may monitor their child’s whereabouts with a GPS tracker, observe their child with a baby monitor until they reach teenage years, and prevent them from interacting with strangers. .

“Having a moderate amount of fear can help parents teach and model how to keep their children safe and work toward independence.” Lena Suarez AngelinoLCSW for Choosing Therapy, said in a statement to the insider. It can do more harm than good.”

Worried parents tend to raise children who are less likely to take risks, have higher rates of depression, and are less self-confident overall. they may have less emotional resiliencehave difficulty problem-solving and avoid social interaction.

“Parents’ irrational fears can cause unhealthy worries in children, manifesting in negative ‘what if’ or ‘worst case scenario’ thought patterns. Dr. Jaclyn GrottaHe is a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator.

to do so raise a resilient childAccording to Lyons, parents should do the opposite of what anxiety prompts them to do. Allowing is important.

“Those skills that are really important for independence and emotional management and resilience are not cultivated in a safe, secure, secure environment,” Lyons told Insider.

Mobile Mama told Insider that her channel aims to provide a useful service to her viewers.Based on her engagement, she estimates it’s made up of about 70% of mothers like her. When considering a new car, her audience considers the vehicle’s size and functionality, but above all safety features.

“As a mom, you just want your kids to be safe, right?” the mobile mom told Insider. “That’s my number one concern.”

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