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Olay, Pennsylvania TWP – A new restaurant is apologizing to its customers.

Redvo restaurant opened at Ollie Turnpike Dairy in Ollie Township last weekend.

Business is booming, but there is a problem. Not having enough staff is a challenge faced by many restaurants.

For Humberto Rojo, who says he’s grateful but overwhelmed, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

“I sleep three to three and a half hours. It feels like a whole month instead of a whole week,” Rojo explains.

Now Rojo is wearing many hats at his new restaurant on Oley Turnpike Road. He is the food prep, the cook and the owner, just to name three.

Birdsboro’s Elaine Richards said: “It’s really full. They’re doing a great business.” “It’s great to have something like this coming to the area. rice field.”

So Elaine Richards’ nine-year-old granddaughter, Ashlind, volunteered to help out.

Berks' Redvo restaurant exterior

“It’s really crazy. On Valentine’s Day, we ran around. I wanted to clear tables, fill drinks and hand out menus to everyone,” said Ashlind Richards, who attends Boyertown Elementary School. I wanted to help my father because I don’t have much.”

After weeks of renovations, the restaurant opened last weekend. Rojo says business is busier than expected and needs people’s patience.

“Especially the people at the grand opening,” Rojo said. “Give me another chance.”

Rojo says he needs more staff. This includes cooks, dishwashers, servers, prep, waitresses and buses.

“If someone is willing to learn how to cook, I have no problem teaching them how to work,” Rojo said.

The need for hospitality workers is not a unique challenge for Redvo. During the pandemic, industry leaders say restaurants have had to close their doors and scale back.

Joe Massaro, president of the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association, said many staff members left in search of more stable work, and some never returned.

“The hospitality industry, like many industries such as healthcare, technology and distribution, is struggling to hire enough employees to meet demand. We are letting them in, but it will take time,” said Massaro. “Happy demand is back. We just need to keep up with the job base.”

As for Umberto, he says the blessings outweigh the burden.

“I’m glad they showed up,” Rojo said. “Better high voter turnout than no voter turnout at all”

Redvo Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week.

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