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Morgan Warren gave fans an update on his health ahead of Thursday night’s (May 4) show at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. concert cancellation at the last minute When the singer canceled just before a headlining gig in Oxford, Mississippi, it angered fans.

“How are you all? I just wanted to let you know about me morning Jacksonville will be playing shows tonight and all weekend. I wouldn’t say 100%, but it’s a lot better,” Warren said in an Instagram story shot at the venue. people.

He then addressed the approximately 60,000 fans who had gathered for his headlining show at Vought-Hemingway Stadium in Oxford, MS on April 23. Already playing the set. I was.

“And I wanted to reiterate to everyone at Oxford how sorry I was,” he added. We’re working on our scheduled date — we’re getting closer to a rescheduled date, but we don’t have an exact date yet. I can’t wait for .. I love you all, thank you for your continued support. God bless you. See you soon.”

Warren’s post came after fans of the Oxford show learned the singer wouldn’t be performing just before his set began. I can’t,” a message appeared on the screens on either side of the stadium stage. “Therefore, tonight’s show has been cancelled. Please proceed safely to the stadium exit.”

After rumors spread about the cause of the cancellation, Big Loud CEO Seth England said: shared a statement From event security firm Best Crowd Management on April 25, “A hired employee of BEST Crowd Management has made false allegations in connection with last night’s Morgan Wallen concert. For more information on his statement, please visit: We take no responsibility, please see Morgan’s social media pages for more information.”

The statement came in response to TikTok video Security at Vought-Hemingway Stadium suggests that the real reason for the last-minute cancellation was that Warren was too drunk to perform.

England added its own statement, writing: All details were incorrect. What some people say in response is ridiculous. “Don’t believe everything you read,” he concluded.

Warren has since rescheduled additional shows in Michigan, Illinois, and Nebraska, telling fans: Social media“I know how important my fans are to me, so this news is horrifying. is resting his voice on doctor’s orders and has to reschedule this week’s show.I appreciate and understand everything you do for me to be a part of your show. We are doing everything we can to speed up the process of reaching 100% MW.”

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