National Skills Agreement Conference discusses national reforms, funding


Long-term funding opportunities are on the table of states and territories due to be signed later this year as part of a proposed five-year National Skills Agreement (NSA).

On Friday, Australia’s Skills and Training Ministers met to advance the National Skills Reform Initiative and the Vocational Education Workforce Agenda.

Attending the meeting in Brisbane were Commonwealth Minister for Technology and Training Brendan O’Connor, Blair Boyer (South Australia), Felix Ellis (Tasmania), Diane Farmer (Queensland) and Paul Kirby (Northern Territory), Simone McGurk (Western Territory) was present. Australia), Chris Steele (ACT), Gail Tierney (Victoria). NSW was represented by senior government officials.

and communiqué Ministers said the NSA’s vision and guiding principles, which were approved by national cabinets last September, set the tone for the debate, announced after the meeting.

“Minister Skills discussed reform opportunities under the proposed five-year NSA, which will be negotiated in 2023 and will start in January 2024,” the document read.

“The Commonwealth, states and territories are working together on projects funded under the TAFE Technology Fund to invest in essential TAFE infrastructure upgrades.”

A 12-month Skills Agreement between federal, state and territory governments will provide 180,000 free TAFE and vocational education places to students from January 2023 onwards. -TAFE locations are prioritized for traditional fields.

TAFE courses offered through vocational programs include Care Sector, Digital and Technology, Tourism and Hospitality, Construction and Agriculture.

Agreed priorities following last year Jobs and Skills Summit He also leads the agenda of the meeting and is a permanent jobs and skills australia (JSA) provides data analytics and labor market insights. Consultations are underway to develop the agency’s legislation, and work is also underway to understand engagement protocols and operational elements of the agency.

This year, the JSA will conduct a national survey of adult literacy and numeracy, as well as work to map the new workforce needs of Australia’s transition to emerging economies. clean energy economy.

“Clean energy research will build a strong and vibrant clean energy sector and support workforce planning to deliver the energy transition and net-zero economy by 2050,” the communiqué said. said.

“The Technology Ministers discussed the importance of a common interest in the JSA to ensure that the analysis takes into account State and Territory information and serves national priorities.”

Ministers also discussed the creation of a special Industry Engagement Council and a harmonization framework for working with the VET sector to achieve better results. The framework is DEWR website.

“The Minister of Skills urges the JSC to ensure that the Board recognizes the need to reflect gender balance and the diversity of the Australian population, and that the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations will implement JSC program guidelines related to governance. (Article 9 of the Guidelines) reflects these expectations going forward,” the communiqué said.

“[They also] Approved proposed changes to the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator (NVETR) Act to support timely updates to the VET data arrangement to continue to meet the needs of jurisdictions and data users. ”

Ministers agreed that an update to the standards for registered training institutions will come into effect in 2025 to ensure consistent high quality training across the sector.

Also under discussion is how federal immigration policy aligns with training delivery programs, with the Jobs Skills Summit review panel preparing a report to be submitted to the government later this year. There is

Another VET Workforce Blueprint will also be created for governments by the second half of 2023.

After the meeting, the group toured TAFE Southbanktoured the new robotics lab and cybersecurity training facility, and enjoyed a student-prepared lunch.

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