Navy ends coronavirus deployment restrictions for unvaccinated news


Navy no longer considers COVID-19 Immunization status for deployment of its seafarers, according to new guidance released this week.

“Commanders should seek advice from health care providers on personnel medical readiness to inform deployment and other operational mission decisions. should not be considered in assessing suitability for operational missions.” guidance state.

Development comes after the Pentagon officially canceled Mandating COVID-19 vaccines for the military when President Joe Biden signed a massive defense spending bill in January that would require an end to the measures.

The memorandum, however, states that commanders should “consider the individual I left the “Consider Immunization Status” option open. ”

According to Navy guidance, unvaccinated seafarers may have their freedoms limited in countries with COVID-19 restrictions. The commander “coordinated with national teams and local authorities to identify host country requirements related to COVID-19 testing or vaccination status that could limit or create conditional standards for freedom. I will,” it said.

The Commander also retains the authority to implement health protection measures at any time or in any manner deemed necessary to support operational safety and effectiveness and, if necessary, to We retain the authority to restrict the movement of military personnel to comply with national quarantine regulations.”

The guidance did not address sailors separated from the Navy for refusing COVID-19 vaccination when it was mandatory.

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