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On Saturday, April 15, 2023, NEIU held its annual Spring Dance Concert, where students showcased their dance skills to an enthusiastic audience. The event was organized by NEIU’s Department of Music and Dance. The student-hosted dance concert was a roaring frenzy, with a splendid fusion of various dance styles, from contemporary to hip-hop and jazz. A variety of tempos, fashion styles, colors and kinesthetics were used for the fantastic night movements on stage. Additionally, the program featured a series of fun and eclectic performances featuring NEIU students. It was clear that the students were familiar with various forms of aesthetic, rhythmic and expressive dance theater.

The art of dance enables dancers to embrace the music, step to the beat, and share their physical expressions with the audience. Seeing the synchronicity of music and dance on stage live was so contagious that the audience started tapping their feet and shaking their heads to the beat of the music.

Diversity was at the heart of the dance performances, as more than 20 students of varying levels of education performed the content of Western and Eastern cultures impeccably and professionally. The performance included 12 choreographed dances with the help of Rachel Burton, her facilitator of the Interim Dance Program for Music and Dance. Students danced to the beats of various musical genres, from contemporary and traditional to hip-hop and classical.

One student who attended the concert, 23-year-old Jazmyn Carthen, a graduate student in communications, media and theater, shared her thoughts in an interview with the Independent. She said, “I’ve been dancing since she was 17. I started here with a hip-hop dance team called the Eagle Dance Crew.”

The Independent interviewed another talented individual, Evelyn Antorino, the undergraduate senior music major, for a voice in the dance minor. Antorino said that dancing is inspired by her ability to convey emotions with her body that words cannot. When creating a story through nonverbal communication, it must be fully facilitated and accomplished by rhythmic movement. Her description of how to express dark emotions “is related to things like domestic violence, depression and anxiety, and it pierces my heart,” Antorino says.

Carthen expressed her love of dance and how free and confident she felt on stage. She said she was nervous before she went on stage, but when she goes on stage she feels like she’s just herself and the music.

Carthen also talked about the different dance styles she enjoys and how she loves being a well-rounded dancer. Her favorite styles include hip hop, jazz and contemporary. She said, “My fellow dancers are really great dancers and I think she put a lot of effort into ensuring these dances. [are] It’s so professional that I was able to get it on stage,” says Carthen.

When asked about the audience for the concert, Carthen expressed hope that more people would attend next time. She praised her fellow dancers for her efforts and encouraged her people to come cheer.

Carthen has also danced in community dance programs and musical theater dramas. Although she no longer participates in the dance scholarship program, she is happy to fill it out whenever she needs it. [and] It sounds easy, but it really isn’t. ”

Overall, the Spring Dance concert was a huge success. The student dancers received well-deserved applause for their hard work and dedication to the art of dance. With the passion and talent displayed at the concerts, it’s clear that NEIU has a thriving dance community. On being bold and brave, Antorino comments: [and] …When you get on stage, the adrenaline hits you and you can just be another person.

If students are interested in unique and interesting ways to express themselves and their emotions, Antorino says: [and] If that’s what you want to do, just go for it. There is no right or wrong in dancing. Antolino said more students should consider dance programs at NEIU. For students thinking of stage-worthy dances, Carthen encourages his fellow students by saying, “Don’t be afraid to try new things!”

According to official recital program documentation, dance scholarships are offered to eligible students. Additionally, Carthen encourages candidates interested in dancing by saying, “If you want to join the dance, talk to Rachel. She’s in her dance studio.” Please contact Rachael Burton for more information about scholarship auditions and dance programs. [email protected].

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