NEP 2020: Experts Need to Equip Students with the Skills to Succeed in the Digital Age


: participating experts

round table

Here on Saturday, I emphasized the need to give students the skills to succeed in society.

digital age

.Impact of

national education policy

(NEP) – Held at Siksha ‘O’ Anusandan (SOA) University, the year 2020 on management education was the subject of discussion.

‘Eastern Region Deans and Trustees’ Roundtable on Education 4.0 and the Impact of NEP-2020 on Management Education’ was held by the Orissa Chapter of the Indian Association of Management Schools (

the purpose

) in relation to SOA.

The speakers said that successful implementation of NEP-2020 in management education requires stakeholders to embrace technological advances. This includes integrating technology in curriculum design, using technology in assessment and assessment, using technology in career guidance, and facilitating collaboration with technology companies.

Deans and directors of various higher education institutions discussed Education 4.0. Education 4.0 is an educational paradigm that integrates different elements to create an advanced, technology-driven learning environment that prepares students for the demands of her 21st century.

They identified key elements as core competencies, 21st century learning skills, learning methods, and the use and integration of technology and infrastructure. Bringing these elements together can promote lifelong learning, critical thinking, collaboration and adaptability, which could help students achieve excellence, experts said.

Mr. Sridhar Patra, Chairman and Managing Director of Nalco, Mr. Shreepad Karmalkar, Director of IIT Bhubaneshwar, and Mr. Amiya Kumar Rath, Vice Chancellor of BPUT, discussed the key components in various sessions of the conference.

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