Neural Cloud Blowing Skills and Banners – Should I Roll?


Neural Cloud adds the second half of the first chili. Heresy of God event. Let’s read first whether you should aim for the first chili.

Hatch skill

A warrior with a high survival rate due to the passive skill “Nether Plunge”.This skill also gives her [Prowl], she becomes a key component of the low-range composition, as it allows Hatchiri to reach enemies at great distances. she also [Prowl] And her ultimate skill, the forgotten Wgah’nagl.

Passive – Nether Plunge

  • Hatchling gains immunity to 1 lethal attack and enters [Prowl] when the immune system is activated.
  • [Prowl] It also automatically triggers at the start of every battle.
    • Prowl: Moves to the furthest enemy, and after a short delay launches all surrounding enemies into the air, dealing physical damage.

AUTO – laceration blitz

  • Inflicts physical damage to the current target 3 times in a row. The second attack deals secondary physical damage to all surrounding enemies.If the current target dies, enter Hutch Chill [Prowl].

ULTIMATE – Forgotten Uganaguru

  • Immobilize the selected target, move toward it, deal physical damage to the target, and fully recharge the first chili AUTO skill.

dust banner

Hatsuchiri Expands to Neural Cloud with Target Search – [Echo of the Earth’s Core]This banner is currently in progress and is valid until January 24, 2023 11:59 PM UTC-8.

This banner shows Hatchiri as the featured 3 doll, but the next 3 dolls are slightly boosted.

  • Hubble
  • Evelyn
  • Florence
  • Banksy
  • gin
  • Changyi
  • Centaurea

Do I need to roll for dusting?

Hatchiri is a Neural Cloud character that belongs to the warrior class. But don’t let her categorization fool you. Thanks to her Prowl ability, she has excellent range. She is often seen as the go-to choice for players looking for an easy-to-use character, especially those who are new to the game or have a lazy playstyle.

Hatchiri is a very versatile character. It has good survivability and can do a lot of damage. She may not be particularly famous for her use of functions, but she makes up for it with strong bass output and assisted tuning algorithms.

Having her on the team also works very well for the 2 Warrior setup as she can easily reach the enemy backline.

Hatsuhiri is widely considered to be one of the best Warriors available in terms of overall in-game strength. As such, she can be a solid investment for players looking to add her to their squad. As for her team composition, she synergizes well with her 2* specialist, Angela, and is expected to work well with Nora once released.

the final judgment yes, from a full gameplay perspective, you should probably roll your first chili. But don’t worry if your roles aren’t stored well. She will be added to the permanent search pool in the future.


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