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Lily Brooks-Dalton pirate of light (Grand Central 12/22) Despite its stormy backdrop, this futuristic novel follows a special gifted girl growing up in a post-apocalyptic future Florida suffering from extreme weather and increasingly severe flooding. material and full of hope.

AR Capetta & Roush Wade, Taste the Light: 10 Sci-Fi Stories to Reframe Your Perception (MiTeen 10/22) This all-new anthology of hard sci-fi stories for young adults features graphic stories by William Alexander, K. Ancrum, Elizabeth Bear, Nasuġraq Rainey Hopson, AS King, EC Myers, Junauda Petrus-Nasah, and Wendy Xu. .

Mircea Cartalescu solenoid (Deep Vellum 10/22) After a Romanian schoolteacher in the 80’s and 90’s pondered the separation of art and life, this critically acclaimed semi-autobiographical novel with surreal, historical and sci-fi elements is full of weirdness. Translated from Romanian by Sean Cotter.

Bora Chong cursed bunny (Honford Star UK 7/21, Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill 12/22) The critics find the intrigue in this outstanding collection of 10 dark stories that span the genres of science fiction, fantasy, surrealism, fairy tales and horror. Cheers for twists and clever prose. Translated from Korean by Anton Haa. First published in the UK on 7/21 by The Honford Star.

Julie E. Zerneda to each of these worlds (DAW 11/22) A mysterious threat to humanity sends forth three humans and allied aliens to reconnect with lost colonies and sleeping ships, but for centuries, communication and human Determining what is considered to be can prove difficult, and understanding who to trust is even more difficult.

Edited by Ellen Dutrow Best Horror of the Year, Volume 14 (Night Shade 12/22) Acclaimed editor Datlow returns with the latest year’s best anthologies. Comprised of 24 stories for her this time in 2021, Datlow’s usual insightful roundup of his year of horror. Authors include Laird Barron, Brian Evenson, Gemma Files, Christopher Golden, Michael Marshall Smith, Kaaron Warren, AC Wise.

Luke Dumas history of horror (Atria 12/6/22) Mixing the potential of psychological and supernatural elements, this thrilling horror novel follows a Scottish murderer. The killer, who says he was made to do it by the devil, commits suicide and leaves behind a manuscript telling his story. Smart, complex, intriguingly enigmatic, the first novel to earn serious critical acclaim.

Ewan Morrison how to survive everything (Harper Perennial 11/22) Acclaimed dark and humorous thriller, this hilariously twisted survival story tells the story of how she and her brother are kidnapped by their conspiracy-obsessed prepper father and lead to a new deadly crime. Told by teenagers after saving them from a pandemic. Dad is definitely quirky, but the twist at the end obscures how psychological and how realistic it is. (First published in the UK by Sarabande.)

Shameez Patel Papathanasiou, the last feather (Flame Tree Press 7/22) Medical student Cassia Khan is kidnapped and transported to a parallel world, but in exchange for the cure of her dying sister, an old friend offers to help lift a deadly curse. unexpectedly come across This impressive first novel (and first book in the Selene trilogy) features an immersive world, thrilling adventures, and compelling characters led by a smart and headstrong woman determined to protect her family and friends. Offers.

Rebecca Ross A Fire Endless (Harper Voyager US and UK 12/22) The second book in the Scottish-inspired fantasy duology Elements of Cadence brings a captivating conclusion to the series, combining magic, mystery and romance to bring a group of friends together. They must reunite to protect the island. Cadence Balance from Bane, a spirit of the north wind who threatens both humans and spirits for power.

west shawl, our fruiting bodies (Aqueduct Press 11/22) Shawl’s latest collection draws inspiration from fairy tales, Peter Pan and more, from horror to fantasy, full of diversity and corruption, rebirth, wild magic and life, 18 imaginations. It offers a rich and sometimes unsettling narrative.

from February 2023 issue Trajectory.

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