New bill classifying hemp extract as food could put SWFL shops out of business

In 2018, even in states like Florida where marijuana isn’t legal, federal farm bills allowed the sale of cannabis products to induce marijuana-like high prices.

The new bill will impose strict limits on how much money can be sold. The bill would classify hemp extract as a food and significantly reduce serving sizes. WINK News visited local CBD store Hemp Joi to ask what the bill means to them. They fear that changes in the law could put them out of business.

John Hulbert couldn’t sleep after surviving two brain tumors, and tinnitus was to blame.

“I took Xanax, Valium and Ambien,” Halbert said.

Halbert said everything changed when he tried hemp.

“I feel refreshed and ready to go,” says Halbert.

Halbert started working with Hemp Joi. They sell hemp-derived products like Delta-8, not marijuana, which is a key difference.

“Hemp plants have a lot more CBD and are great for inflammation, anxiety and all sorts of great things that we still don’t know what they do. is much less,” said Steve Katz, owner of Hemp Joi.

“THC is the same THC whether it’s the hemp plant or the cannabis plant, and having 5 milligrams in a gummy would legalize cannabis, which is mood-boosting and basically intoxicating. “If you legalize it, people have to be very clear about it. It’s not food. It shouldn’t be treated as food,” said Dr. increase.

But Katz fears legislation passing through the Florida legislature could put him out of business.

“Probably 7,000 companies will go bankrupt,” Katz said.

The bill would classify cannabis extract as a food and limit dosages to 0.5 milligrams per serving or 2 milligrams per package. Hemp Joi’s Delta-8 gummies are 25 milligrams.

“You won’t even feel it,” said Katz.

“I can’t comment specifically on Florida’s bill. Even if it’s actually a drug approved by the FDA for a specific function, it has side effects and adverse effects,” said Dr. Silver.

The bill also calls for restrictions on packaging.

“We get sent products that kids are crazy about all the time.

After visiting Hemp Joi, WINK News spoke with Dr. Lynn Silver from the Institute of Public Health. He is also against this bill. But not for the same reasons as Katz and Halbert. She believes hemp-derived products like Delta-8 should be fully displayed and not treated as food.

“THC is the same THC whether it’s a hemp plant or a cannabis plant, and having 5 milligrams in a gummy makes you feel good, basically legalizing cannabis that makes you intoxicated. “If we legalize it, people should be very clear about it. It’s not food. Don’t treat it as food.”

The bill maintains the legal purchase age at 21. Both Halbert and Katz agree with this. They say it’s because of sensible regulation.

“Let’s hope common sense reigns so we can have products and be regulated. Call on the regulators,” Katz said.

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