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Vorax Game Trailer Roadmap
Vorax (Image: PR/IndieGala)

New trailer and content roadmap Volax Released by developer IndieGala. This survival horror game puts you on an island full of scary monsters.

Volax Set on a Mediterranean island. A mysterious pathogen has infected the territory, turning the local population into monsters. Players must survive on the island and at the same time figure out what happened. In addition to being able to use weapons against threats, survival horror gameplay mechanics also involve gathering and building resources.

the trailer gave me resident evil 4 and Resident Evil Revelations 2 atmosphere. I’m not a big fan of first person video games, but I do like the “building” aspect of this game. You can create some kind of shelter for your character and enhance that shelter. Yes, you can also create traps.

Regarding the new roadmap, the development team has added drivable vehicles for faster travel (we already want to smash a lot of monsters!), completely new locations, expanded maps, and new weapons (with explosives). including range-focused items). . The crafting system has also been improved, allowing players to craft metals that can be used to craft gunpowder and bullets.

Current plans include: Volax There are 40 main quests. The gameplay encourages exploration and helps players find resources to become stronger. Locations include abandoned houses, sewers, caves, and more.

Additionally, various enemies add to the strategic element of the game as the player finds ways to defeat them. Take notes; some enemies are better left alone.

Currently in development. Go to your wishlist. Volax Currently on Steam. There is also Official Discord Server. At the time of writing this he has over 800 members on the server.

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Are you a fan of survival horror games? Are you excited? Volax?

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