New transparency program targets clothing workers, small fashion brands

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Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) and eco-community investment firm Able Ecosystems have developed a global fellowship initiative to provide community-driven transparency for clothing workers and small fashion companies.

A survey of worker preferences and experiences in the cotton and leather industries of Peru, India and Rwanda is the first step in the transparency initiative. By making transparency towards climate goals accessible and affordable for small and medium-sized fashion companies and garment workers, this study sheds light on how to close the supply chain engagement gap.

This collaboration aims to help small fashion companies develop more equal and transparent relationships with their suppliers.

Three more fellows are expected to join the program in March 2023, with the program’s first fellows, GCNYC students Andrae Lopez De Romana Bouroncle and Vishakha Hedau, working together across the Indian and Peruvian cotton supply chains. I am leading research in

The goal of this initiative is to establish benchmarks and provide a measure of development that will enable the fashion industry to remain accountable to the local perspective of workers along the supply chain.

Michelle Gabriel, Director of Career Services and Strategic Partnerships at GCNYC and Adjunct Professor of Sustainable Fashion Strategy, said:

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