Newcastle College students win annual NCG skills competition


Students from Newcastle College competed against students from four other colleges in hopes of winning big in the annual NCG Skills Competition and advancing to the regional and national finals.

Newcastle students won 4 out of 10 prizes in the competition, which is back in its third year. The students were also competing to qualify for the WorldSkills UK competition at the national level.

The four winners included Courtney Madison, who won the painting and decoration award for the second year in a row.

she said: Winning two years in a row gave her confidence and realized that her time and hard work in college were really paying off. I’m looking forward to the next competition. The pressure is definitely there.”

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Other winners of the day included Marshall Parry in the brickwork category and Anna Martin in the beauty category. Students’ knowledge and skills were tested in a real work environment and judged by a panel of experts.

Rounding out the four winners was Gateshead’s Harriet Hawdon, who won the carpentry division.

Harriet Hawdon, NCG Skills Award Winner for Carpentry

she said: On that day, I was able to talk with people from other universities around the country and exchange experiences with them.

“It was great to win. I definitely want to do it again in the future. I would like to continue my studies at Newcastle College. I would like to use this experience to further my career in the construction industry. increase.”

These competitions are modeled after the WorldSkills global network, which includes over 80 countries, each hosting training for youth conducted in a competitive manner. In this format, the student will be ready for her WorldSkills, with winners and runners-up in heats.

Scott Bullock, Principal of Newcastle College, spoke of the College’s purpose in participating in these competitions and congratulated all the finalists.

“Our goal is to maximize the potential of Newcastle College students and equip them with employability skills to enable them to become the workforce of the North East of the future. Skills competitions provide the perfect platform for students to put into practice what they have learned and learn from other competitors during the day.

“We are fortunate to be part of a national group that can work together to provide our students with such a hands-on experience. Congratulations to all the finalists, and congratulations to the winners. We wish them the best of luck in the qualifiers. They are all great representatives of the university for WorldSkills and the next step in their careers.”

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