NFL Style Power Rankings: Super Bowl athletes finally show off their fashion sense


Prior to Super Bowl LVII, NFL Players stepped into State Farm Stadium in Nine outfits for the most important game of the year. That meant higher expectations for some, more risks for others to take, and a lot of tremendous execution from them. philadelphia eagles and kansas city chiefs.

Throughout the season, these teams have dressed the best in the NFL and put on a show before hitting the field. This was the first Super Bowl where her mother Donna Kelce pitted her two sons against each other. Her sons, Eagles starting center Jason and Chiefs starting tight end Travis, feature in the Style Power rankings for their incredibly creative outfits.

Thank you for viewing the ranking for the second year in a row. It’s one of my favorite works, so I hope you enjoy it.

Who finished the season in first place? Read below to find out.

10. Donna Kelce

The Super Bowl game has generated a lot of interest in how Donna Kelce will be in the game. Donna entered the match in a red and black jacket split down the middle. One side, Jason number 62 on the back and “Eagles” on the right sleeve. The other side has Travis No.87 on the back and “Chiefs” on the left sleeve.

Donna didn’t stop there. wearing a football jersey Supports the Chiefs on the front and the Eagles on the back.

When the Super Bowl was announced two weeks ago, I said I was very excited. which quarterback is bestit hurts Patrick Mahomes Two of the most stylish players of the entire season, I knew I was going to be in for something never seen before.

I have to admit, I expected more from an Eagles quarterback. He has easily navigated creative outfits all year long. The colors – lavender and magenta – are my favorite part of this fit. Since that’s what the Bar Hearts set is like, I was hoping for something more prominent.

The best part about this outfit is the subtle details throughout.The Gucci Jean Jacket is a placket and I really enjoy the look of it. What really caught my eye was how the Eagles receiver paired a vintage Philadelphia 76ers hat with Air Jordan 1 High He Fearless sneakers. The color match is seamless, and it’s fitting that Brown wore these shoes before playing in his first Super Bowl.

Clark is one of those people who never misses an opportunity to show off. The Chiefs’ defensive lineman wasn’t ranked regularly, but he was ranked when he needed it. He’s grown accustomed to his tracksuit collection, but the fishnet shirt stops him. He also has his amazing shades for the beautiful Phoenix weather.

6. Patrick Mahomes

As always, the Chiefs quarterback wears his signature finely tailored three-piece suit. However, like Hurts, I have to say that I’ve seen this before from Mahomes. His previous Super His Bowl fit was outstanding so we were looking forward to seeing what he would give us in his third Super His Bowl appearance navy his blue polka dots ‘s tie and handkerchief are matched with a gray and blue plaid suit.

Gucci and Adidas have done a lot with this crossover collection. The two companies caught the eye of Buck running for the Chiefs ahead of the Super Bowl in a gorgeous green suit. I love that the brands aren’t competing for space to display their respective logos. My only criticism is that I wish the suit was a little better tailored.

oh. I love everything about this suit for the Eagles wide receiver. The photos also show off the detail and texture, and dark aquamarine was a great color choice. Pascal’s black shirt features a banded collar, instead of using the colors traditional to dress his shirt. A great choice for any occasion as it can really make his jewelry stand out.

Thornhill’s suit is adorned with flowers of all kinds, perhaps an ode to the arrival of spring in the not-too-distant future. Thornhill incorporates all colors into the suit, keeping it simple and easy with a black banded collar her dress her shirt.

One thing about Chiefs safety: He loves Christian Louboutin shoes.

There’s not one thing about this tux that I don’t enjoy. Soft gold on the lapels, trousers and vest gives a commanding impression. Slay’s shoes are polished, shine bright like a diamond (Yes, I’m sneaking in Rihanna references). It all works together as his chain puts the finishing touches on this gorgeous ensemble.

1. Juju Smith Schuster

Only one thing can be said about the Chiefs’ wide receiver. (Cure rim shot.)

Smith-Schuster has spent an entire season working for this moment. How do I know? Check out the burnt orange on his shirt. Mercedes-Benz G-ClassHe tested his limits every week this season until he finally perfected this ensemble featuring kilts, berets and tactically styled boots. I have always appreciated athletes who can think outside the box and expectations and express their individuality through their sense of fashion, and Smith-Schuster does so with confidence.

(Patrick Mahomes Photo: Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

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