Oklahoma food pantries struggle to keep up with rising demand as emergency SNAP benefits end and prices rise


Yukon, Oklahoma.KFOR) – Local food pantries can be a lifeline for needy residents, especially during economic downturns.

But the Oklahoma City Subway’s donation-based ministry said it was struggling as well as the people it served.

Yukon Commons Ministry is located in a small building on the corner of Main and 6.th Yukon street.

Ministry of Yukon Sharing. Image KFOR.

Employee Missy King said they are doing everything they can to help struggling residents outside the Yukon region, but they’ve been struggling quite a bit lately.

“I think we’ve all learned that during the pandemic, any of us could be in that situation,” King said. I’m only here to help.”

Giving has been in the King family since the 1980s. Ministries are still in the same building.

“In July, we noticed the numbers had doubled,” says King.

Initially, the ministry assisted about 200-300 people in a typical month. Now, King says, it’s seen in the range of 600 to 700 per month.

“I think there’s still a utility rise, a food rise, a gas impact, and now the SNAP benefits are coming to an end,” King said.

Supplemental Nutrition Programs Are Losing People Over $80/Month (SNAP) Benefit Rollback After an increase in programs during the pandemic.

More than 855,000 Oklahomans will benefit from SNAP in 2022, according to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

The ministry has seen 3,000 more people this year than at the same time in 2022.

they get donations food bank As well as businesses around town. However, they have reached a point where they sometimes have to pay out-of-pocket to maintain food stocks.

“Because I’ve been through a lot trying to help people,” King said.

Last year, the department provided 52 households with about $30,000 in rent and utilities, and over $8,000 in general services. But this year, King said it’s a lot harder.

She added that it’s not necessarily a booming business as it means more people get hurt.

She thinks they’re not the only ones going through this, but they’re still trying to push on.

“We are servants,” said King. “Our main thing is that we want to treat people with kindness and respect.”

King said there are volunteers, but more can always be spent along with donations of any kind. Yukon Sharing Ministry website.

There are other ways to donate around Oklahoma like. Regional food bank many others Subway and Local Food Banks Statewide.

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