Opinion | Save the World Economy or Save Your Job? McCarthy can’t decide.

rear loan limit House Speaker Kevin McCarthy returned to the Capitol to update reporters during a negotiating session at the White House this week.

“Let me be clear,” he said. “From the first day I met the president, I gave him two standards.” Mr McCarthy said, raise two fingers. “We’re not going to raise taxes just because there’s more money coming in than ever. And we’re not going to go through a clean debt ceiling. there is.”

Let me be clear, Mr. Chairman. There are three, or “criteria.”

This may be the most worrying aspect of the default conflict. Full confidence and credit in the US is at stake, and the president’s man sitting across from the negotiating table looks really out of tune.

McCarthy, whipped by public pressure from the Lower House Liberals and former President Donald Trump, praised the “honesty” and “professionalism” of White House negotiators one moment, the next. Momentarily attacked the other side as “socialist”. He provides daily updates (sometimes he’s hourly) full of bogus stats, nonsense anecdotes, and inappropriate remarks. His negotiators called off talks, but resumed them hours later. At a House Republican meeting in the midst of negotiations this week, he decided now was the right time to: win his used lip balm stick at auction As a fundraiser for House Republican political campaigns. (Marjorie Taylor “Jewish Space Laser” Rep. Greene) won the bid for $100,000. )

There is an obvious cause for the speaker’s erratic behavior. As usual, he’s not leading. He is exposed to cross currents. If he bends too much in negotiations, he could lose support from hardline Republicans and lose his job. If the hardliners like him, he will keep his job, but plunge the country, and possibly the world, into economic calamity. His job security or the global economy? McCarthy is indecisive.

Hard-line nihilism, their willingness to collapse the economy if Biden doesn’t meet all of his demands, gives Mr. McCarthy (somewhat) leverage. In foreign affairs, Richard Nixon said,madman theory: If you can make the enemy think you are crazy and reckless enough to launch a nuclear attack, they will retreat. House Republicans are doing much the same when it comes to default.

Some say the threat of default is not real, or as imminent as the Biden administration says it is.some sound like They anticipate a default and expect voters to hold the president accountable for the resulting economic collapse. “I don’t think my conservative colleagues feel the need to negotiate with hostages,” said Rep. Matt Gates, Republican, Florida. told semaphore. At times, Mr. McCarthy seems prepared for disaster: “Don’t blame me,” “Don’t blame us Republicans,” and “It’s not my fault.”

Biden, perhaps frightened by the lunatics across the table, offered to freeze next year’s spending at current levels. $1 trillion in 10 years. That was enough to make liberals groan that he had given up shop.

But McCarthy’s problem is what he’s dealing with actual The madmen of the House of Representatives. During his tenure, Mr. McCarthy 15 bids for speakersgave far-right hooligans the power to remove him from office—”vacate a chair“- At will. wrote a letter to McCarthy Condemning the reported details as “outrageous” and “ridiculous,” McCarthy claimed: new Requests containing immigration restrictions.

Letter to the Editor: Debt Ceiling Needs Long-Term Discipline

One of the signatories, Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), delivered a passionate speech that lasted nearly half an hour. floor speech On Thursday afternoon, Mr. McCarthy’s negotiators accused him of “lowering the first exit ramp to end the deal.” Roy added, “What is the Republican Party doing?” Escape to! “

And Rep. Bob Goode (R-V.A.) warned that the rumored deal “will absolutely collapse the Republican majority against this debt ceiling hike.” If McCarthy must rely heavily on Democratic votes to pass the debt deal, his presidency will effectively end.

Therefore, the speaker staggers. On the morning of May 18th, Bright Mr. McCarthy said CNN’s Manu Raju in Statuary Hall: Probably by the end of the week ‘the road to an agreement is in sight’.

But about four hours later, the Freedom Caucus put the kibosh on itDemands ‘no more discussion’ unless Democratic Senate accepts all Responded to demands of House Republicans. President Trump also repeated, “Unless Republicans get everything they want (including the ‘kitchen sink’), they should not have a debt ceiling deal… DO NOT FOLD!!!”

The next morning, Mr. McCarthy’s negotiators called off negotiations, saying they had “decided to pause because it was not productive.”

it happened See you Monday. Outside the White House after the negotiating session, McCarthy and one of his negotiators used the word “productive” at least 11 times, along with “professional,” “intellectual,” and “polite.” But the next morning, Mr. McCarthy told a defiant caucus at a closed-door meeting at Republican National Committee headquarters that he was “far from a deal.”

As the world longs for agreement, the speaker has regularly provided glimpses into his insane thought process. Democratic Party, he claimed on wednesday“increased spending, especially as a percentage of GDP, to the highest levels in American history.” In fact, current federal spending as a percentage of GDP is barely more than half Best ever.

Speaking outside the White House on Monday, McCarthy said: “Is it that hard to say, ‘If we’re spending more than we’ve averaged over the last 50 years, we should look at where we’re spending’?” I requested. Is it difficult to get back the funds that were appropriated but not used due to the corona crisis? ”

Is it so cryptic to ask if the speaker knows what “difficult” means? It does not matter. We spend higher than average.

McCarthy repeatedly compares the federal government to a child.

May 16: “This means your child credit card.

Later on May 16th, it said, “This is for your child. credit card.

May 21: “Think about what the debt ceiling is. It’s what your child has credit card.

May 22nd: “If I were to give my child credit card …”

Later on May 22nd, she said, “For me, the debt limit is getting my kid to have a credit card.”

Further May 22nd postscript: “It’s like having a child and giving them something.” credit card.

May 24: “As the American people understand, the debt ceiling credit card

Reckless repetition does not make the analogy silly. America is not a child. It is the world’s largest economy and the guarantor of the world’s reserve currency. It has an unquestionable capacity to raise the necessary revenues and has a solemn obligation to meet its national debt as it has throughout history.

They should be good “standards”. Unless the other person is insane.

The order came out of Mar-a-Lago in early April. “Defend the Department of Justice and the FBI” President Trump requested after his indictment.

Great idea! That would leave the country open to international terrorism, Russian and Chinese counterintelligence, cyber and drug criminals, organized crime, and public corruption (George Santos, look at you. please give me).

But like good boys and girls, House Republicans also joined the movement to defund the FBI.

“We must stop and dismantle the FBI funds.” Declared Congressman Andy Biggs (Arizona).

“We have to bare their fangs and fund them.” gates said.

“The time to cut budgets is long past.” Added Representative Dan Bishop (North Carolina).

“The only way to keep them in check is to cut the budget.” agreed James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee.Kentucky Republicans threatening Indict FBI Director Christopher A. Wray (appointed by Trump) for contempt of Congress.

Just this week, a group of House Liberals called for defunding the FBI’s new headquarters as a condition of raising the debt ceiling. House Republicans even rewrote a ceremonial resolution praising law enforcement to avoid what could be seen as support for the FBI. As noted by Punchbowl News, the National Police Week resolution originally He expressed his “heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the country’s law enforcement officers.”House Republican changed it “Local law enforcement officers deserve respect and deep gratitude,” he said.

Alexandra Petri: These last-minute measures can help you avoid default.

Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee of Ohio, is leading the anti-FBI movement. “The only way to hold them accountable is to work on what everyone cares about: money.” he said Sean Hannity from Fox News last week.

Jordan isn’t just trying to defund the FBI. he is defaming it. As part of an investigation into alleged federal “weaponization,” he has touted the accusations of three FBI agents he calls “whistleblowers.” Democrats call right wing crank and January 6 Conspiracy theorists who have no direct evidence of wrongdoing.

Last week, the FBI warn jordan The two alleged whistleblowers have had their security clearances revoked for “supporting different theories” about the 2021 Capitol riots. The newspaper expressed concern over the “loyalty to the United States” of one of them, and said another had mishandled classified information and conducted unauthorized interviews with the Russian government news agency. A third committed a “trespass” on the Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021.

But that didn’t deter Jordan. he continued The hearing will be attended by two whistleblowers whose confidentiality clearances have been revoked. There, the man, who had planned to defund federal law enforcement, thanked the apologists for their “rule of law commitment” on Jan. 6 as the cameras rolled.

A debt crisis doesn’t stop the wellspring of insanity from bubbling up. In the last two weeks:

Comer Oversight Board Chairman, confirmed by fox news Biden’s household survey is politically motivated, he said, adding, “If you look at the polls, Donald Trump is ahead of Joe Biden by 7 points at the moment,” he said, adding that it’s “the American people.” is catching up with our investigation.” (Trump is using Mr. Comer’s investigation.) for fundraising. )

Freshman Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (Republican, Florida) was introduced bill to banish Congress elects Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California) to lead the first impeachment of President Trump.she then said another invoice Condemn him and fine him $16 million.

Digital Director for Rep. Paul Gossard (R-Arizona) Discovered by Talking Points Memo Has extensive ties to anti-Semitic Nick Fuentes and his white supremacist “Groiper” movement.

Santos faces federal indictment on financial crimes appointed himself as his own election treasurer before appointing another person to the office Fifth Treasurer within a few months.

But the winner was Green as usual. During her three days of spree, she filed articles of impeachment For the efforts of Mr. Wray of the FBI, Attorney General Merrick Garland, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorcas, U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves in Washington, D.C., and Biden himself.systematically destroy this countryJust in case, she also let me know that Rep. Jamal Bowman (D.N.Y.) is a black colleague who was friends with her. Oral break-inmade her.feel threatenedBecause “his physical manners are aggressive.”

Somebody call the gazpacho police!

Want to clean up the greens as gadfly? stop it. She now shares lip balm with the Speaker of the House.

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