Opportunities for those looking to develop their cannabis skills

This week’s In Focus talks about New York’s legal cannabis industry. JoDee Kenney joined her Prof. Arthur Thomas, Executive her Director of Acceleration and Microcredentials at Syracuse University, to explore educational opportunities for students who want to develop their skills in this emerging field. rice field. Coursework runs the gamut from compliance and running a successful business to healthcare and horticulture, Thomas said. Hundreds of students have benefited from the program almost since it started two years ago, and there are no prerequisites for applicants, he said. Professors described a hands-on approach to learning, including lab work and faculty with experience in the cannabis industry. Thomas also spoke about partnerships with local cannabis companies, connecting graduates with local job opportunities and keeping talent here in New York.

You can watch the full interview with Professor Arthur Thomas, Executive Director of Professional Acceleration and Microcredentials, in the video player above. Also, tune in to her In Focus with JoDee Kenney — every Sunday for an inside look at the biggest issues affecting upstate New York. Spectrum News 1.

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