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Osvald is a scholar of Octopath Traveler 2If you’re looking for a powerful wizard, this is it. With a large number of elemental attacks in his kit, Osvald has the potential to be one of the best damage dealers in the game. He also has support his skills to aid in exploration, making him a definite valuable pick in nearly any party.

Can only be equipped by Oswald Staff, which is not surprising given his focus on magic. See the rest of the kit below for more information on this unique character.

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Osvald’s Road Action and Talent

like cyrus Octopath TravelerOsvaldo’s daytime pass action is scrutinizeSimilar to the Inquire Path action, you can get information from NPCs. You may get the information sooner than you technically need it, but Scrutinize may fail. This reduces your reputation in the city, and if you’re not careful, you’ll eventually be locked out of the passing action.

Osvald at night mug NPCs. like a challenge command, which causes Osvald to fight the NPC in question one-on-one. If you win, you take all their items. This is a good way to avoid the high-level requirements some items may have, as it draws from the same inventory pool as actions such as Begging and Stealing.

Finally, Osvaldo’s talent is research enemyThis reveals at least one weak point for every enemy in combat, saving you the trial and error of finding a way to breach an enemy’s shield. If all weaknesses are revealed, Study Foe will of course not trigger.

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Scholar Jobs and Support Skills

Here are all the job skills Osvald can get with the basic job Scholar: The last skill listed requires other skills to be acquired first.

fireball: Deals fire damage to all enemies.
ice wind: Deals ice damage to all enemies.
lightning: Deals lightning damage to all enemies.
analyse: Reveals one enemy’s HP and weak point.
Strike of genius: Randomly give yourself 2 ability-increasing effects. (Effects overlap.)
elemental barrage: Deals fire, ice, or lightning damage to random enemies 3-5 times.
advanced magic: Doubles the magic power of a single ally.
[Divine Skill] Wisdom of Alephan: Greatly increases the magic power of a single ally 3 times.

Finally, there is the support skill for the scholar job. These are unlocked by learning more job skills.

avoidance behavior: Decrease random encounter rate. (Equipping this skill on multiple characters has no effect.)
Elemental Augmentation: Reduces the attribute attack power of the equipped character by 50.
extra experience: Gain additional EXP after battle. (Equipping this skill on multiple characters has no effect.)
senior magic master: Increases the number of uses of enhancement magic for the equipped character by 1.

If you want to learn more about Osvald’s potential, check out our dedicated guide here.!

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