Outboard Detection Systems on Cruise Ships: What Are They?

  • Outboard systems on cruise ships are intended to reduce response time and notify crew when someone has gone overboard.
  • Not all cruise ships have the system yet, but some do.
  • Passengers rarely go overboard by accident, according to one industry expert.

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Sherry Boleyn got up early to watch the sunrise with her A family on a Thanksgiving cruise to Mexico. But when she arrived at her brother’s cabin on Carnival’s Barror on her cruise her line Carnival around 6:00 a.m., her sister-in-law informed her brother James Michael that her Grimes was in the room. Said he didn’t come back.

The family was on board with about 20 relatives, so I suspected that Boleyn was sleeping in one of their rooms. “He’s famous for falling asleep anywhere, anytime,” Boleyn, 31, of Fort Benning, Ga., told his USA TODAY. I thought, ‘I’m just sleeping in there.'”

Shelley Boleyn and her brother James Michael Grimes.

After searching around the ship for him to no avail, she notified the cruise line, which began an hours-long search that ended with the U.S. Coast Guard, she said. 29-year-old Grimes rescued from water around 8:30 p.m. that day, after he went overboard.

James Michael Grimes is about 20 hours Stranded at sea.

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