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As Paramount Global refocus After operating with a global mindset and local execution, the company unveils a new name and mission for its market-wide studio operations, which will focus on high-end scripted content that can drive Paramount+’s growth. .

Led by Paramount Global’s President of Broadcast, Studios and International Markets, Maria Kiriacoo, the company’s international studio operations will be known as Paramount Television International Studios (PTIS). The name replaces the Viacom CBS International Studios (VIS) brand that the company retained following the 2019 merger of Viacom and his CBS. This operation will be in close relationship and collaboration with the broader Paramount Studios organization.

“Our goal is to deliver on the strategic priorities of our business, accelerate the growth of Paramount+, and create premium scripted content that reflects the cultures and experiences of our diverse international audience.” Kiriakou said in an internal memo. “We work closely with the Paramount+ team and our content strategy is clear. We are looking for shows that drive Paramount+ acquisition and engagement.”

“Our shows are already driving strong performances locally, and the closer global partnerships that this new organizational structure provides will allow these shows to be more consistent across regions,” Kyriakou said. We are confident that it will be deployed and will drive Paramount+’s success.”

Paramount is refocusing its international production efforts on high-end scripted programming. As part of that, for example, it closed its UK unscripted division. catfish england

As part of Paramount’s Global Content Group, led by George Cheeks, President and CEO of CBS and Chief Content Officer for News and Sports at Paramount+, “We are committed to drawing on best practices and discipline from our U.S. counterparts. We will recruit and operate as one company that works together.” We have the ability to support local adaptations of global franchises,” Kyriak emphasized. “And as part of that Pam (Kaufman)As an international market organization for , we will work hand-in-hand with the Paramount+ team to ensure they support the growth of our services in markets around the world. ”

Kaufman told internal staff that the new structure fits with key industry trends. “In the past, TV shows and movies were typically American cultural exports, but now successful content comes from all over the world,” she stressed. “We have a vast production base with around 20 creative hubs ranging from Argentina and Australia to Israel, Italy, England, Germany and more.”

Programs developed and produced there can travel around the world, but also add a value proposition to consumers in those markets themselves. “The evidence is clear: Audiences want great local content,” Killiacoo stressed in that context.

The original international series PTIS pipeline already includes: Spider and uno para moril from Latin America, Money, sexy beast and Moscow gentleman from England, chemistry of death from Germany as well Miss Fallaci from Italy. On that basis, management stressed that the division is increasingly focused on more markets in France and around the world.

Paramount Global Content Distribution intends to license the PTIS program beyond markets where Paramount+ is available, so content deals with third parties will continue. “We’ll be attending LA screenings soon, so it’s very important to make sure the Paramount distribution team represents the rights to all the shows we’re producing outside of Paramount+’s realm. ‘ said Kiriakou. hollywood reporter. “And because of that, we have a lot more access to parties.”

The announcement of the new PTIS name and mission was also accompanied by personnel news. Sarah Rose has expanded her responsibilities and she is now Chief Operating and Commercial Officer (COCO) for International Studios and British Broadcasting. As Vice President of Finance and Operations, Sibele Saromao will lead the financial side of PTIS, reporting to Suki Gill, CFO of Paramount’s International Television Media Networks Division.

Reporting directly to Sarah Rose and working closely with Kate Laffey, Anthony Smith will become Vice President, overseeing production across the company’s studio operations in the UK and Europe. Reporting directly to Kyriacou, Laffey’s responsibilities have expanded to include content leadership for his European studios as VP, Head of Content for PTIS UK and Europe. She will work closely with creative leaders in key European markets and other markets.

In Latin America, Dario Turobertsky’s role as Senior Vice President of Broadcast and Studios, Spanish and Portuguese Original Content includes overseeing expansion of Paramount’s broadcasting operations across Latin American studios and the region. increase. In Israel, Paramount’s acquisition of Anany Studios and Broadcasting Business will continue to operate as a separate entity within PTIS, with Orly Atlas Katz, CEO and Executive Vice President of Paramount Israel, reporting directly to Kiriakou. become.

“We are also pleased to benefit from the business leadership of John Phillips, Vice President of Business at CBS Studios, as part of George Cheeks’ close relationship with the CBS Group,” Kyriacoo wrote. wrote to

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