Piqua Arts Council: More Than Just Entertainment

PIQUA — The Piqua Arts Council (PAC) has enriched the Piqua community in many ways over the past 31 years. We have provided our patrons with quality entertainment such as Rock Piqua and Sounds of the Season for free or at a low cost. It has offered personal enrichment, including artist workshops with internationally award-winning instructors, Art4Everybody, which provides hands-on experiences for beginners in all aspects of the arts, and creative classroom programs that expose elementary school students to the performing arts. rice field. But the Piqua Arts Council has a much broader impact on our community than just entertainment and personal enrichment. The economic impact on Piqua is dramatic.

A study conducted by Americans for the Arts, a national art advocacy group, found that arts groups have an economic impact on local communities. For every dollar PAC spends directly on Piqua through the purchase of merchandise such as workshop supplies and catering food, event attendees will receive an additional 50 cents for related expenses such as babysitting fees, clothing purchases, transportation and meals. and direct spending by PAC.

A recent regional survey conducted in this part of the country by Americans for the Arts found that each patron of an arts event spends an average of $17.87 over arts event admission fees. If that patron he travels more than 20 miles, the amount he rises to $30.17. The PAC program, which affects over 5,000 patrons each year, adds an amazing $300,000 to the Piqua economy. $200,000 direct spend by PAC, additional $100,000 by patrons.

PAC also influences the development of the local workforce. Employees planning to move to another location consider more than their future salary. They are looking for communities that offer affordable activities that enrich their lives and that of their families. They not only consider what types of housing are available and what are the employment opportunities, but also the recreational potential of the community. This is where PAC shines. Year-round low-cost services for all ages make Piqua an attractive community to migrate and help secure a stable workforce to meet the needs of local employers. PAC is more than just entertainment. It is a potential attraction for local residents and an important part of Piqua’s ongoing economic development.

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