Political polls are now dominated by PR firms and special interest groups

Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke to the media during a visit to an early childhood education facility in Boston in March. (Nancy Lane/Boston Herald)

Polls used to be unreliable, but now there is a proliferation of politically motivated polls, and some polls are funded by tilted special interests, making them almost completely worthless. It is

Public relations firms such as Democratic consultant Doug Rubin’s Northwind Strategies and groups such as the Conservative Mass Fiscal Alliance now have polls similar to the 2024 Senate showdown between Elizabeth Warren and Charlie Baker. is being implemented.

Unsurprisingly, these polls yielded vastly different results. Baker leads in the Mass Fiscal poll and Warren leads in the Northwind poll.

And a recent poll by the Super PAC, which backs Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, came as a shock to Georgia, where DeSantis beat Donald Trump.

So what should voters believe?

Who sponsors the polls and why is very important.

Also, it is very easy to manipulate surveys to get results that benefit you and your clients. Biased questions and weighted results can shift survey results to favor the answers companies and organizations want.

In addition to the media dutiful confrontation between Senators Baker and Warren, a recent Mass Fiscal poll of 750 Massachusetts voters also showed the organization’s promotion of Chapter 62F. He was shown to support the tax refund law.

“This should send a clear warning to Speaker Ron Mariano, who is leading the legislative reform effort, that the majority of voters do not support his attempt,” Mas Fiscal said.

Northwind Strategies funds polls conducted by Change Research. Back in April, a Northwind poll put Warren ahead of Baker by five percentage points, suggesting Warren wasn’t as vulnerable as the popular finance polls indicated.

“The numbers[of the polls]seem to be going down and down. “There’s not a lot of hard data about where voters are.”

Rubin’s firm not only pits candidates against each other, but also conducts polls on rent regulations and millionaire taxes.

“We have great confidence in our results and data,” Rubin said, emphasizing that the polls are funded by his company, not by clients.

Mass Fiscal spokesman Paul Craney told the Herald, “The Fiscal Alliance Foundation regularly conducts polls on policy and other issues to help policy makers, the media and the public engage voters on these topics. We are trying to give them a good understanding of where they stand,” he said.

DeSantis PAC “Never Back Down” showed the Governor of Florida defeated the former President in a head-to-head match by a margin of 48-38%. A few weeks later, another poll by the University of Georgia School of Public and International Affairs showed Mr. Trump leading Mr. DeSantis by more than 20 points.

go figure.

PR firm Seven Letter also recently produced polls for clients such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Protect Americans Coverage Together, and the Boston Business Journal.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced that a Seven Letter Insights poll for employer-backed health insurance group Protecting Americans Coverage Together (PACT) found, not surprisingly, overwhelmingly that Americans They prefer to get health insurance directly from their employers rather than through other means.” Commercial.

“We expected employer satisfaction with health insurance to be high, but we were surprised by the intensity,” said Matt George of Seven Letter Insights.

So believe in what you want. But don’t rely on polls to predict anything accurately these days. Just ask President Hillary Clinton.

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