Pope points out that women are exploited by political conflicts and cultural ideologies

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – Pope Francis told hundreds of Catholic women that today’s world urgently needs peace and that women should be valued more.

“In addition to peace, women’s anthropological identity is also at risk as women are used as tools and objects of political conflict and cultural ideologies that ignore the beauty with which they are created. exposed,” he said.

People spoke out during an audience at the Hall of Paul VI on May 13 with the World Federation of Catholic Women’s Organizations, which was holding its General Assembly in Assisi from May 14 to 20. The theme of the gathering was “Women of WUCWO: Artisans of Human Fraternity for World Peace”.

“There is an urgent need now to find peace in the world,” Pope Francis said in his address. rice field.

Women, too, should be “more valued for their capacity for relationships and giving,” and men should “see the richness of reciprocity they receive from women in order to recapture the anthropological element that characterizes human identity.” should be better understood,” he said. It is the role of women, of women in the family and in society, where their heartbeat never stops. ”

“Renewing the missionary impulse,” he told the delegates of the gathering, “looking to the world, looking to the future with an open mind, facing injustice, abandonment, discrimination, poverty and inhuman suffering.” Hear the cries of so many suffering women around the world.” Some have been treated since childhood. ”

The organisation’s new Global Women’s Observatory calls on ‘Samaritans’, fellow travelers who identify needs, instill hope and tranquility in their hearts, and enable others to alleviate many difficulties. It provides a method that can become physical and mental needs of mankind. ”

She said women have a “gift” and a “mission” to ease the loneliness of lonely people and places.

“A human being without women is lonely. A culture without women is lonely,” said the Pope. “Where there is no woman there is loneliness, dry loneliness, which produces grief and all sorts of harm to humanity.”

“Maria teaches us to create life and always protect it, while dealing with others with kindness and compassion,” he said.

Look to Mary, he said, and see where she draws the strength to be a true witness of the joy of the Gospel.

“Dear sisters, the secret of all discipleship and mission readiness lies in this constant connection to our ‘gentle host of souls’, the love and connection of God. It’s about cultivating a bond, a bond from within,” he said. He said.

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