Pornography sparks ‘Bible dumping’ backlash at Miami arcades


On a hot Kendall winter day, the arcade Odyssey had the joystick jiggling more than usual.

A very special gamer, adult movie star Veronica Church was on set for the filming of the porn movie Table Hockey Hijinks.

Church started the session by inviting a privileged Playmate into an Operation Wolves-style shooter. She began to remove her clothes, as one would do in the middle of a busy arcade. Her male friends soon followed, and the pair began spreading her love before she headed to the bathroom and extended bathroom bangs.

They emerged from the washroom and moved to the air hockey table, where Church struggled to get the puck into the opponent’s goal. (And this is where we run out of Porn Gamer puns.)

Produced by Canadian company Mofos, the film will take about 40 minutes before the prize money is released.

Arcade Odyssey owner Rick Medina said: new times The film’s Tour de Porno was filmed in mid-January, and since the arcade is constantly being rented out for photo shoots and commercials, he didn’t think much of the project.

“The film company contacted me and said, ‘Listen, we wanted to do something for adults. It’s just professional cinematography. We’re very respectful and very clean.’ ’” Medina recalls.

Arcade kept the shoot low-key until some internet sleuths found the setting a little too familiar. r/miami subreddit A recent post from a user revealed that a retro arcade is the setting for a porn movie.

‘It turned into complete shit,’ says Medina new times“Everybody started to think, ‘We were having sex in a place to eat.’ It’s just insane.”

Defamatory reviews, grumpy phone calls — Medina has been in a rush since word spread about the shoot.

“It’s basically turned into diabolical Bible thumping. I can’t wait to see the frigid ‘Kumbaya My Road’ outside the arcades any time soon,” he said. say.

Medina claims that the pornstar’s nether realm was in contact with neither the arcade gametop nor the food surface.

He emphasizes that the stars “only had sex in four areas of the arcade” and that all were sanitized.

“They had sex in the bathroom, they had sex on the floor. They played air hockey while someone was doing her from behind, but not on the air hockey table. And They had sex on the bench,” he claims.

Some Reddit users seem to have a sense of humor about the situation. “As long as they don’t overwrite my Crazy Taxi high score, I’m fine with it,” one quipped. Another joke is, “Wait till then. [original poster] Find out what people did in the hotel bed where he slept. ”

Others were less open-minded, complaining, “This is objectively offensive and disgusting for venues of all ages.”

Medina argues that critics are “their callous minds” if they consider his arcade to be the only commercial space in South Florida where extracurricular activities have taken place.

And he’s not wrong.

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Kendall’s Arcade Odyssey is a throwback to the early 1980s Miami area arcade heyday.

Photo: Arcade Odyssey

A Kendall-based arcade joins the list of South Florida businesses. It doubles as a set for a porn movie. Some other notable places include Coral Gables GymPembroke Pines bowling alleys, miami submarine in Hialeah, and Grandpaa popular bar in Wynwood.

Miami-Dade County Transit is also used by the porn market. New Times Previously, it was discovered that three transit buses were used in the filming of Miami-based Van Bros’ “Project City Buses.” (All you need to know is that the bus wasn’t the only ride that day.)

In addition to its recent fame, Arcade Odyssey is considered one of South Florida’s top arcades and boasts a wide variety of vintage and rare games. Medina opened the location in 2011 in hopes of giving gamers a taste of the golden age of arcades, when places like Coral Way’s Pirates and Kendall’s Flippers were hot spots for Miami’s youth.

“We created Arcade because we wanted to bring something to the community that hadn’t existed in over 30 years,” says Medina. “I love gaming history. I think it’s important to enjoy it and share it.”

Medina adds:

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