Preparing this meal means big savings at Costco

if you Costco shopper, you know the Reddit subpage r/Costco. Everything you need to know about Costco, from your favorite foods to weekly deals. If you’re looking for a healthy diet and want to stick to a budget, of this Redditor A meal prep system might be right for you. It’s healthy, super easy to follow, and cost him only $67 to make 24 meals, he said. The best part was that he used fresh protein from the big box store and was able to make meals for himself and his girlfriend for a fraction of what it would cost at a restaurant.

what he bought

According to his post, Redditor Craig Beau All meals were made “only with ingredients purchased at Costco.” It’s worth noting that he didn’t add avocado oil or condiments as he had them in his kitchen, but most kitchens have some sort of condiment on hand. The prices for are:

  • Steak $39 half $19.90 (use only half of what you bought)
  • Organic chicken $28.89
  • Brown Rice Ramen $8.99 1/4 $2.25
  • Organic asparagus $7.49
  • Organic mung beans $6.99

Of course, those who like a little more variety can add fruits, different vegetables, or other items for a little more money.

time taken

According to the post, it took the Redditor just three and a half hours over two days to make all 24 meals on his own. He makes an average meal on weekdays. He also said he sous vide the meat, which took about 30 minutes, and let it marinate overnight. Over grilled to add flavor. He said he’d spent a little more on buying pre-cooked protein before, but as a result, it was much faster to prepare, taking 45 minutes vs. 3 hours or more for him.

He also gave readers insight into the rest of his weekly meals, including protein shakes, eggs, gluten-free pita bread, and almond butter. I’m from CostcoBuying everything you need for a week’s meals from one place also saves time. Also, if you buy something at Costco, you may have extra supplies for the next week.

The bottom line is that this health-conscious shopper was able to purchase very good, vitamin-rich ingredients, spend an afternoon in the kitchen, and serve delicious, healthy, and inexpensive meals. Sounds like an afternoon worth spending!

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