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College captain Kellen McGarry hoisted the Cleveland Cup after a 3–2 win over Gilmour in Strongsville on February 11. (Tim Phillis – for News Herald)

Corner locker rooms are less than 40 yards apart at OBM Arena in Strongsville.

For the university, the sentiment emanating from each of these days couldn’t be more grim.

It was only three weeks ago that the preppers sat in the visitors’ corner.

Three weeks later, on February 11th, the United States is now in the home corner, and will go for the first Cleveland Cup title, elusive among the flag bearers in the News Herald’s coverage area, against Gilmour in Round 3 this winter. was

The Preppers didn’t just change corners in the last three weeks. They said he was back in December and he was very dangerous in January in the first place.

or Corners are considered more attractive in Hunting Valley.

Mark Filippelli’s second period goal proved decisive as the United States fended off a game effort from Route 91’s arch rivals, the Lancers, 3-2 in the Cleveland Cup final.

The Preppers (24-8-1) are on a five-game winning streak.

“To see the faces of these kids, they’ve been working in the weight room since June,” said U.S. coach Andy Gerow. They’re on the ice They’re in the movie room This group is a special group, from captains to freshmen.

“It just feels different, and in the end — in this program of the Cleveland Cup, we’ve been to five finals and never won. It’s not easy.” (Gilmore coach John Malloy has a great group, it took every ounce and every man to make it happen.”

Playing on the third line is sometimes exemplary for the preppers, and this night was no exception, as the group produced two of its three goals.

First was TJ Lavelle, who made a nice redirect at 3:59 in the first, assisted by Carson Barlow and Gavin Jones, before a big Filippelli blow.

“They played really well yesterday against the Shakers,” Gerow said of the third line. And that’s what happened tonight.”

Samonte Martin brought in a snapper from the left circle at 6:45 to increase their advantage to 2-0.

Gilmore broke through with a Luke Radke tapper on the left bar at 13:52 to make it game after game 2-1.

Then I heard that energetic third line grinder again.

Filippelli walked list star between the circles at 6:39 and was the junior’s fifth goal of the season.

“I saw two people in one man, so I knew there was a place to shoot,” said Filipelli. “So I got in the slot and went to the top right.

“[The setting tone on the third line]is very important. I’ve noticed that when we start hitting, the rest of the team kicks in. If we do our job, the whole team does well.” I guess.”

Gilmour (18-13-2) scored from Matt Baumann with a deep list star from the left circle at 11:41 to draw 3-2 after two.

Baumann electrified with a stretch run for the Lancers, dominating the GLHL regular season finale over Padua, Shaker Heights and Walsh Jesuto, and scored seven goals in three games as they moved the Cleveland Cup seeding to a tiebreaker.

Although there were no equalizers, Gilmour’s coach John Malloy likes the grit his side has shown recently, including drawing closer in a short-handed lineup each game against the United States.

“It was quite a struggle,” Malloy said. “I don’t think of the regular season as anything other than getting ready for the end of the year. Just because I have two weeks off, when Christmas is over I start to feel really depressed. I treat it like the first time.” I’m watching it.

“Then the kids came to work. It wasn’t that it wasn’t functioning before, but it had more purpose. I think it was the culmination of a lot of hard work and that’s why I think we’re in a pretty good position.I like where we are.I like my team.If I were another team, we I don’t want to play against, and I think our players are ready to play anyone.”

Three weeks ago, the noise coming from the visitors’ locker room speaks for itself.

After three weeks, as the corners rounded, so did the frenzy on the other side.

“We work hard at practice, but after losing Walsh, we knew we didn’t want to feel that feeling again,” said Filipelli. , everyone played a great game.

“We fought really hard. It wasn’t an easy 3-2 win. But we got the job done. That’s all.”

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