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University’s Luke Palmer (left) sees Kenston goalkeeper Owen Masson (middle) on 21 February in the Kent district quarter-finals and passes from behind the net. The Preppers won him 3-0. (Chris Lillstrung – The News-Herald)

KENT — There was something about opposing goaltending when the college saw News Herald coverage area team Kenston in action in the district at Kent State University.

First there was Jason Hildebran’s game, then-Bombers goalie hampering the Preppers for most of the 1-0 US survival years ago.

In the Kent Quarterfinals on February 21st, it was Owen Masson’s turn to be the man the Hunting Valley powerhouse won’t soon forget. As a matter of fact, the same can be said about Kenston’s audacious defensive zone business.

Anthony Messina scored early, Luke Palmer and Samonte Martin scored in the third round, and the US won 3-0.

The preppers (26-8-1) have been desperate for the elusive Freeze 4 berth with a special group this winter, but they’re set for the district semifinals against FirstEnergy Stadium and Archival Shaker Heights on February 26. clearly wasn’t enamored with their performance. .

That in itself said a lot about what to expect in the US locker room.

But it was effective, and no doubt increased GCHSHL White’s respect for the bombers under the 2nd Division.

Masson was sensational with 50 saves and coach Andy Gerow and his club noticed.

“Yeah, Owen was phenomenal tonight,” Gerow said. “From the beginning, I knew he was trapped. Not only was he making his first save, but he was making his second save. Along the way, he did a great job.

“When it’s time to win or go home, you need a hot goalkeeper. And Owen, to his credit, did a great job. He kept us off the board most nights.” Credit to him, and credit to the Kenston team, the hockey gods didn’t do us any favors for making some posts there and we couldn’t let them go. We’ve done enough to get the job done and move forward.”

Messina broke the scoreless deadlock at 13:01 in the first, pounced on a slick bouncer in front of Kreese and slammed home.

“Luke Palmer took it into the zone and gave it to Will Genovese,” Messina said.

Although taxed in the ‘D’ zone, Kenston was not deterred and held his score through the third round as he hung spectacularly with the Cleveland Cup champions before icing out of the zone.

Palmer started a 5-second power play at 2:33 in the third, with Martin adding the final margin with 2:07 remaining.

Messina said, “We came out slowly, but coming out and coming back shows the team’s effort to face that little adversity at the beginning and just win.

“I want to be well prepared[for the semi-finals]. We have to take our opponents very seriously. I need to have a great week of practice.”

There were even moments when the bombers were back on ice.

Gavin Rowell rattled the bar at 2:53 in the second and Troy Krahe saw the faceoff right at 7:20 in the third.

Kenston coach Tom Moores praised his side’s exceptional performance in dangerous conditions.

“Owen was focused tonight. He was trying to prove a point,” said Moores. “We were doing our best in front of him. He was definitely the difference tonight. We stuck to our game plan. It was to get in their way.Up to a point, it worked.It’s on the kids.I’m so proud of them.”

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