Producers of ‘Fall’ and ’47 Meters Down’ Announce New Survival Movie ‘Bayou’ – Deadline

Exclusive: Known for British genre specialty tea shops 47 meters down And depart from the breakout thriller autumnwith the following survival photos arranged in the following format: bayouArchitect will start selling. Cannes.

The film, also produced by British startup Cowboy Cosmonaute, follows a group of friends who crash-land in a waterlogged and inhospitable swamp in Louisiana, where they are hunted by a fearsome primordial apex predator. .

Megan Best (seance) lead the hapless survivors from the depths, as they are targeted one by one by a relentless horde of alligators led by a ferocious alpha female. Filming is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.

bayouThe novel by Ashley Holbury will be written by Gavin Mertens and directed by Matthew Ninavar (death valley), “Cowboy Cosmonaut” was produced by Mertens and Holbury, and “Cowboy Cosmonaut” was produced by Mark Lane and James Harris. tea shop productions. The architect serves as executive producer.

Following their efforts autumnBritish visual effects costume Koala FX (Jeepers Creepers: Reborn) are handled bayouVFX and monster creation.

low budget thriller autumn (2022), about two friends stranded atop a 600-meter-tall radio tower, grossed $17.5 million at the box office and was a viral hit on Netflix. Encourage sequel development.

The Best (pictured below) is next on Netflix and Ace Entertainment time cutalongside Madison Bailey, an adaptation of Norman Partridge’s horror novel by MGM and Matt Tolmach. dark harvest. Both movies are in post-production.

Canadian director Ninavar is in post-production knight’s war For Epic Pictures and his films death valley Acquired by Shudder.

Architect Partner Callum Gray said:bayou A thrilling, no-holds-barred white-knuckle ride that will leave today’s spectators completely immersed and glued to the edge of their seats. The film is full of tricks and will delight audiences with its ingenuity and fresh take on the survival genre. It’s a pleasure to ride this amazing roller coaster with Gavin, Ashley and the Tea Shop team!”

Gavin Mehrtens and Ashley Holberry met at Working Title, where they worked on titles such as: Les Miserables and Anna Karenina. Their costume “Cowboy Cosmonaut” is in pre-production in Northern Ireland. Morrigan, by film director Colum Eastwood.The company is executive producing a full-blown crime story Mr. Babylon for Gaumont.

Architect Makes Market Debut at Berlin’s EFM Also Becomes Shopping Horror Mindful, starring Jenny Slate, produced by Tracy Nyberg and Aggregate Films.and Daisy Mae Hudson’s lollipop, BFI, BBC Movies, Parkville Pictures.Their slate also includes a Sundance featured document 32 sounds.

Megan Best represents Play Management.

Megan Best (Courtesy of Agency)

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