Providing services and skills to those in need of a local hairdresser


March 5ththlocal hairdresser Whitney Peake brings the Peak Into Beauty Style event to the Dawn Community High School Sports Complex. It’s a partnership. Deliberate innovation hairdresser.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Whitney Peake has seen countless clients and heard their personal stories at Peak’s View Into Beauty Salon in North College Hill.

In most cases, stylists and barbers either befriend clients or become therapists. We know a lot of our clients’ private lives. ”

Over time she got some clues A common theme between clients and the people they love.

She explains: Usually in a situation like this, the perhaps temporary parent has absolutely no idea how to style or maintain textured hair or skin types.

She also says she meets many women who suffer from domestic violence, as well as those suffering from housing insecurity and homelessness.

In March 2022, she launched a nonprofit called Purposeful Innovation Beauties (PIB). ”

PIB provides free beauty services to foster/adoptive children and teens, women suffering from domestic violence, and families living in homeless shelters. Clients prove their status and receive vouchers for services such as styling, hairdressing and manicures.

In addition to providing these much-needed services to its clients, PIB employs student and professional cosmetologists, barbers, manicurists and estheticians to serve, grow its business and can be expanded.

March 5thth The Peek Into Beauty event is PIB’s second event. A similar event was held at the memorial last November, with 30 attendees served. We hope that houses, volunteers and sponsors will come together. Attendees will be offered two of his complimentary services such as hairstyles/cuts, facials and manicures.

Interested in attending or serving this event? You can find the complete information here.

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