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  • Is Seattle Safe? Is public safety a state of mind?
  • Idaho legislators want to open a dialogue with Oregon legislators to discuss the issue of redrawing the border.

This post was originally published on KUOW newsletter to date February 13, 2023.

Is Seattle Safe?

Despite this, I have out-of-town friends and family who never set foot in Seattle. my Anecdotal explanations to refute their Negative anecdotal accounts.Seattle police 2022 Annual Crime Report This perspective doesn’t help. Basically, it says crime is on the rise overall in Seattle, aside from the rate drop in the fourth quarter of this year. It’s worth noting that crime is on the rise, not just in Seattle, but across the region.

Nowadays Seattle Now episodeSeattle University professor Jackie Helfgott, PhD, says there is a factor beyond statistics that not everyone considers: perception.

“If people fear crime in their neighborhood, they are less likely to go out and less likely to get involved with their neighbors. To reduce crime, know your neighbors and go out,” Helfgott said. “People have been saying, ‘We need more people downtown. , when people are afraid to go outside, not so many people will walk around, and certain types of crime will increase.”

“Walking dogs, riding bikes, and having people feel safe can reduce the likelihood of crime occurring in an area.”

It’s like the crime and safety version of the chicken and egg dilemma.again As Rob Gordon says: “Did you listen to pop music because you were miserable? Or did pop music make you miserable?”

Helfgott adds that Seattle is relatively safe compared to other major cities such as LA, New York and Chicago. She argues that feeling safe and crime awareness are more important than crime rates. As a ruthless Taurus who leans more towards fact and logic than emotion, I don’t think I’m going to meet eye to eye with this professor, but she does have certain valid points here.

A sense of security and awareness of crime play an important role in getting people involved. Seattle University conducts its own annual assessment of crime awareness in the city and hosts many community her discussions on the issue. Helfgott says Seattleites often give reasons why he doesn’t call 911. They doubt the police will come. They associate the police with systemic racism. Additionally, people often want non-police responses to 911 calls. But Helfgott counters that he still needs to call 911 for a variety of reasons. Even if the police feel unresponsive, the call will create a data point that authorities will use to deploy resources in the future. In addition, 119 calls are sent not only to the police, but also to emergency services. The big picture, the professor says, is that Seattle residents need to understand their feelings about public safety and use them as incentives to participate.

“Informal social control — supporting and collaborating with the Seattle Police Department, working with community agencies, and engaging in work within the city to increase capacity for public safety,” Helfgott said. “We all hear a lot of stories like, ‘We don’t want the police to do it, we can’t just let the police do it.’ So everyone who lives and works in Seattle has a role to play in enhancing public safety. can carry.”

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Efforts to create “Greater Idaho” took several years. Now Idaho legislators want to start a dialogue with Oregon legislators to discuss the issue.

There were several different motivations behind the move to annex Idaho to part of Eastern Oregon. The main argument now is that the eastern side of the state is more culturally aligned with Idaho than the rest of Oregon. In other words, they are more conservative and don’t want to be associated with the hippies of Portland. Boise legislators are pushing a bill that would allow Idaho legislators to discuss the idea with Oregon legislators. Democrats) must agree and Congress must approve.

You can find several different maps of “Greater Idaho” Something that has been proposed over the years. Some include parts of eastern Washington, parts of the southern Oregon coast, and even Nevada. The latest maps are less ambitious, suggesting moving the Idaho-Oregon border just east of the Cascade Mountains.

On current maps of the new borders, the shape of Idaho looks roughly like a giant middle finger sticking out in the center of the northwest. I’m not making any judgments. The teenage punk version of me really likes the idea of ​​a state shaped like someone flipped a bird. Still, it doesn’t really convey the whole “conservative” vibe they’re aiming for.

read more here.

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Some students and educators are calling for public schools in Seattle to require ethnic studies and black history classes, increase funding for school counselors, and keep police out of schools. Last week, a group of more than 30 Seattle students and teachers gathered outside the John Stanford Center minutes before the school board voted on whether to add her four new courses related to ethnic studies. I was. (Megan Farmer / KUOW)

Did You Know?: All Efforts to Redraw the Northwest Border

The idea of ​​moving the border around Idaho is not new, and various groups with different motivations have sought to do so over the years.

One move is called american bulwark Popular among survivalists and preppers.a “Fortress” It refers to defensive structures built around military fortifications. idea here The immigration of Christians and conservatives to states such as Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington and parts of Oregon to create politically powerful and culturally distinct regions.

Proponents of the American Redoubt movement claim to be anti-racist, but the exact same borders have been razed in the past by white supremacist groups that have sought to move like-minded people to the region. It is worth noting that it has been pursued. Years ago, when I spoke with Spokane Sheriff Ozzy Nezovic, He told me that groups ranging from sovereign citizens to Christian identities have been striving “Making our own country. It goes back to the old Christian Identity movement, which consisted of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, and about 15-20 years ago they added Alaska to it.”

Also worth noting is former state legislator Matt Shay, who has been accused of domestic terrorism and accused of crafting a disturbing manifesto about the biblical reasons for war. asked for a new state Made from East Washington called Liberty. Shay’s arguments were similar to Greater Idaho’s rhetoric. He said that Eastern Washington is culturally distinct from Western Washington and should not be associated with “the socialist values ​​of downtown Seattle.”

Local historian Feliks Banel He points out that Washington has a long history of people wanting to separate this or that part, or messing with its borders. In the 1860s there was an effort to create a Walla Walla territory. He even made a move to create the Idaho Territory, but it did, and Washington lost that portion of the territory. There was also a desire to include today’s Idaho Panhandle in Washington when Idaho became a state, but that went nowhere.

In 1896, the people of eastern Washington wanted to secede from the state. There was also an attempt in 1907 to create the state of Lincoln from Washington, Idaho, and parts of northeastern Oregon. The Idaho Panhandle was created in 1913 and a third attempt he made in 1915. There were also proposals to create King State from King County and Roosevelt State from east of Washington. Disagreement over the Columbia River fishing law led to the idea of ​​allowing Oregon to annex southwestern Washington in her 1939. As Bunnell points outRepublican lawmakers attempted to create new states out of eastern Washington in 1985, 1991, 2001, 2005, 2015, 2017, and 2019.

in our hearts too

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